August 25th, 2010

joss hates

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The phone just rang and, to start with, it went normally.

Me: Hello?
Him: Hello, is [name] there?
Me: Speaking.
Him: Hi, this is [name] from Fresh Start. How are you today?
Me: Oh, uh - I'm fine, thank you, but I'm not interested.

I've had a couple of calls from these people before and normally, they go 'oh right, okay - well thanks for your time, bye!' and hang up and all is well.

But not this guy.

Him: Well, what is it you're not interested in? (in a really snide, confrontational tone)
Me: Thank you for calling!
Him: No, but what is it you're not interested in? What is it-
Me: Goodbye!

It's not exactly horrendous, but I don't see what it achieved.