August 21st, 2010

Some annoying Hot Topic service...

Dear Miss Nice Cashier Lady,

When I come to you, all happy and joyous that I plucked the last Scott Pilgrim soundtrack from the stand by the register, please don't break the case getting the security whatsits off the CD.

If you do, its okay, just tell me and allow me to decide if I want it.

Don't take advantage of me chatting with my mother and just put it in my bag and let me discover it in the car when I decide its not worth the hassle of returning it. After all, it IS just the case (both front and back -_-) and it WAS the last one.

And it is Scott Pilgrim. <3

There's a piece MISSING from the front, you know.

At least the CD is fine! ^__^

ETA: For you silly people teasing me about CDs being old school: Usually I purchase from iTunes, but in this case, right now the album is $15.99, but Hot Topic has it for $9.99.

Lemme know if this is considered spam, O Modly One, and I'll remove it. <3
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