August 19th, 2010

No coffee?

Small 'suck'

So, this is a small suck that I'm sure everyone here has encountered at some point in their life. I'm just annoyed enough to post about it.

Mcdonalds drive through. about 6am- and it's busy.

So, I go to the speaker to place my order.I can barely hear the girl as she goes through her 'please wait a moment/how can I help you?' Now, I know it's early, but not only was she really quiet he girl sounded like she just woke up and didn't want to deal with me. Ok, whatever. Speakers are quiet anyways, and it's early. I'll let it pass. I order.  A number 2 with a small Mocha Frappe.

When she comes back to tell me how much and to pull forward, I again couldn't hear her. BUT clear as day I heard one of her coworkers talking about how she couldn't get laid the night before. It sounded like this lady was actually yelling into my cashiers microphone. 0.o

So, I pull up, and the quiet girl just sticks out her hand for the money. (During the entire money/food transaction she said not a single word to me.)

Why didn't she talk to me? Because she was too busy talking to the can't get laid girl about how at least her "baby daddy don't make you work." Then, for the 3 mins it took to get my frappe, I was pleased to listen to the details of the kind of love-making the loud woman wished she was getting from her "Baby daddy."

Dude. It's 6 am. I realllly don't want to know your sex life. And I would prefer if you are taking my order to at least ask me for my money, tell me it will take a few minutes for my drink, have a nice day.... SOMETHING. Just sticking your hand out the window seems a little bit rude.

Edit to add: and of course they messed my order up. But, I bet you expected that, huh?