August 18th, 2010

Pizza WTF :|

Reading forever, never felt a need to post until now.

Sunday night my friends and I got together for some movies and drinks, and around 1:30AM decided it was time to order a pizza.
We hop online and find out that LocalPlace is open and delivers, according to their website, until 4:00AM all 7 days of the week. So, we place an order for delivery using their online ordering form - all we ordered was one large cheese pizza. We had a little trouble when the order went through, as the first time it denied my address, saying the location we chose was out of my area (which is true - it sent us to the store 6 miles away (Store#2) instead of 3 miles (Store#1)). No problem, I edit the order, and we get our confirmation.

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tl;dr- Pizza never arrives because the stores not only close early, but essentially ignores our order that was sent to the incorrect store because the broken online ordering form should have fixed it for them.

My first dental horror story! :D

This happened at the beginning of this year. I've never had an issue with my dental clinic, I've had a few of the dentists see myself, my husband, my kids and they're all amazing, we've been going there for years.

I need braces, not for my teeth because they're pretty straight but because my jaw is not aligned properly, when I shut my teeth closed, one side meets and the other side doesn't. This has caused the joint in my jaw to get flattened and dislocate a few times. Instead of surgery, which they could do but would be very invasive, they decided they could fix it by putting on braces for a few years and using the wires to re-align the way the jaw sits.

So to prep for getting braces, I had to go in and get a few fillings. I just had a baby 2 years go, and during pregnancy I got a few cavities.

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This was quite honestly the #1 worst bad_service experience I've ever had, ever.

TL;DR: Went to the dentists, had them give me local anesthetic without asking first, they hit a nerve and then caused 6 months of jaw issues by putting in a weird clamp to hold my mouth open when I have huge jaw problems that I warned them about, then didn't take it out when I asked because she "couldn't understand me" so instead she left me sitting in a chair for 15 minutes so she could giggle about other peoples problems.

minor suck...

So my sister and I are on vacation at a lake, and spent last night walking around the pier, where there's an arcade, T-shirt stores, tourist type stuff. We walk a little off the beaten path, and wander into a candy store. We're the only ones in there, and it's one of those pay by the pound stores. She picks up about a handful of some candies that she likes, and places them in the basket, and brings them up to the counter to pay. The only employee at the store was sitting outside, smoking, when we entered the store, but comes in when she sees us. She takes one look at my sister's small handful of candy and the twenty she has pulled out to pay for it. The candy comes to about $1.50. This is the conversation that ensued:

S= my sister
C= cashier

C: you didn't buy that much candy and you're paying with a twenty?
S: it's all the money that I have...
C: don't you know that you should never buy a dollar worth of stuff with a twenty?

It's not a ton but she had a super bitchy tone. And it's not like she didn't have any small change in her register- I made sure to check when she opened it that she had plenty of small bills. I didn't think a twenty was really that big of a deal- she only lost a ten, a five, and three ones. Plus we were the only people in there in the ten minutes we were there- shouldn't she have been more happy with our business?

tl;dr: lady is a bitch when my sister tries to buy $1.50 of candy with a twenty.

Thanks WalMart Employee

I just wanted to give a big thumbs up to the Wal-Mart employee that, while throwing a huge hissy fit about something put her arm behind an entire shelf of shampoo pushing it into a cart. Making a huge noise and scaring the daylights out of me and then yelled "I HAVE OTHER SHIT TO DO!"

Thanks for that.

I'm really glad I get to spend my day correcting my 3 year old on words that only adults can say.
dragon lady

This Is Why I Don't Like Talking on the Phone

Minor suck, but augh!

Background history: I have BPII and PTSD, and am on lithium and trazadone for these things. The clinic where I receive psychiatric aid and have my prescriptions filled is full of idiots, I swear- they ignore my phone calls when I need to have my doctor refill my prescriptions, they're way too rough doing blood draws to test my lithium levels, they cancel appointments randomly because they overbook, and they have refused to speak with my university for future treatment. I am in high stress mode because I have to pack everything, as my family home is being auctioned on the 24th and I am stuck living for two weeks with friends because I have nowhere else to go- it's that or be homeless. I have 20000 things on my plate at the moment. So when I make an appointment for a blood draw a month ahead of time, I would like it if the clinic would let me know about a week ahead of time that their needle people are going to a convention on that date that's been confirmed for two weeks so that I can reschedule accordingly.

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