August 17th, 2010



This is in letter format.

NOTE: I'd spoken with each representative and provided security information to access the account. Never was I advised that I wasn't formally on the account. Comcast rep that the letter is addressed to emailed and informed me that the issue couldn't be discussed over email, due to the fact that I wasn't formally on the account, but could over the phone.

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ETA @ 8/17/10 at 5:15pm


I would need to speak with BOYFRIEND before I can discuss his account via email. My direct contact number is ***-***-**** and my office hours are Mon-Fri, 8-5. Our prices for our DVR is as follows, $6.95 for the converter (equipment charge) and $15.95 for the ability to record (service charge) for a total of $22.90 before taxes. I look forward to speaking with him.

Comcast Representative.

REALLY?!?!? The last email to me said "At this time we are unable to discuss BOYFRIENDS’ account with you via email correspondence. He currently has no additional authorized party documented to his Comcast file. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause." So last night he did what was required to add me to the account. This company is a joke. They are clearly stating that their representatives' word has no merit and they do not care about customer service. Does anyone have any suggestions about who else I should write??


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EDIT: A lot of people have been saying that this is not really that much of a bad service, and I apologize for that. But what can you expect from a noob like me, amirite? I'll make sure my next post is much more...extreme.
And before you comment on how I pointed out their age...I'm 14 years old.

Yeah, I feel pity for most workers because while if a customer bitches at a worker, they have to keep smiling and be polite.
But sometimes it is vice versa a bit.

Collapse )So, that's it. It might be a bit minor but I guess I might as well share it.

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fortunately for him, we don't have one

background: today at work we heard a couple of sonic booms. about 15 minutes after that i went to the nearby safeway to get a sandwich. i gave my order to the deli guy, and he started making it:

(stare at instructions for several seconds)
(set down bread)
(stare at instructions for several seconds)
(put sauce on bread)
(stare at instructions for several seconds)
(put chicken on sauce)

he seemed a bit nervous and i figured he was new, so i tried to make conversation.

me: did you guys hear the sonic boom?

him: my co-workers did, but i don't know what that was about.

me: one of my co-workers looked it up. obama is in town today and someone violated the restricted airspace, so they sent f-15s in and they made the boom.

him: obama's in town?

me: yeah, some kind of campaign event for patty murray.

him: (pause) are you for obama?

me: yeah. i live in seattle; i can't help it. (this was a joke, and i laughed as i said it. i work in a burb that's much more conservative than seattle)

him: (pause) i'm not in favor a having a muslim president.

me: um, he's actually a christian.

he gave me a look but didn't respond and i spent the rest of the wait awkwardly playing with my shiny new phone.

it was pretty minor but annoying nonetheless, and after i tried to eat my sandwich (it was horrible, all greasy and bleah) i stopped by the customer service desk to mention it to someone. i dunno; you could say that i'm the one who brought up politics, but i really was just trying to talk about the sonic booms.

i emphasized to the assistant manager person that i wasn't really that stressed about it but that they might want to say something to him about talking politics with customers unless he knows them. she was very pleasant, smiling and nodding, but she was saying things like, "yeah, we should be careful not to have opinions" and "we should stay robotic." i was kind of "bwuh?" and now i'm embarrassed and wondering if maybe it was a dumb idea to have said anything at all. if it hadn't felt so uncomfortable, i probably wouldn't have.
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Gas Station WTF and question

I went to my local Barney's tonight to get gas so I wouldn't have to before work tomorrow. I pulled up to the pump, swiped my card, selected the lowest grade and started to pump.

I pumped about $1 worth when I noticed that the price I was being charged didn't match the price I selected. I stopped the pump and went inside to talk to the clerk. He didn't know why so he called his manager. Come to find out, this gas now charges one price for cash and another for card. They have never done this before and this is not common at all in my area (Northwest Ohio).

I looked at the sign again and sure enough, in tiny vertical letters to each price, there's the words 'with card' and 'with cash'.  That's all fine and dandy, but my problem is that the prices at the pump are the cash price, even after I swiped my card. I didn't know the price I was actually going to pay for gas until I started pumping.

For those of you in areas where they offer a cash discount, or two different prices, is it normal for the prices at the pump to not be accurate? I don't agree with the two different prices and I won't be going back to this gas station, but what really concerned me is that I selected Price A and was actually charged Price B.

EDIT: Okay so some gas stations have the prices change at the pump, and others don't. I still think some way of letting people know at the pump is a good idea.