August 16th, 2010

Such a lot of fuss

FedEx and a small bank bad service

At our new place, it seems to be the norm for delivery people to ring the bell, leave the package on the doorstep and head back to their truck. So when the bell range around 9 this morning, I didn't think anything of it when I opened the door and there was a package and no delivery guy. I closed the door and went to give my husband his package. He said there should be a second part, so I turned to check again and just as I was reaching for the knob I hear, "Fuck you, why did you close the door?" Of course I called him on it and the driver was entirely unapologetic and just said that the package was heavy.

On the plus side, when I called FedEx to make a complaint about the drivers professionalism, the person I talked to was great.

As a bonus, I overdrew my account last week by $10. With the overdraft fee, I expected to be out by $47 total. Totally my fault, I did something stupid, I had no problem paying the price for it. So when I deposited $200 cash on Friday and was told that there were no further fees pending or expected, I figured I'd be good until I got paid and I just wouldn't touch my account until then. So imagine my surprise when I checked my balance on Saturday afternoon and saw not one but five additional overdraft fees assessed to my account.

After fuming about it for most of the weekend, I printed out my online statement and went in this morning to figure out what the hell happened. The tellers were as confused as I was, so after a while they passed me to a manager who then passed it to another manager and the two of them spent about a half hour looking over my account trying to figure out what had happened and then trying to explain to me why I deserved to be charged $182 for a single $10 overdraft. In the end, they reversed four of the overdraft fees, but not before telling me, "This wouldn't happen if you knew how to read your statement." Oh yes, obviously I'm an idiot if it took four different employees almost an hour and a half to figure it out themselves. Clearly the fault lies with me.

Lowes: not the place to pick up chicks

So some months ago I was a visual merchandising intern. My boss had a list of supplies he needed, and he sent me over to Lowe's with it.

I wanted to try to get there, get the supplies and return as quickly as possible. I didn't know my way around, so I flagged an employee to help me find some of the stuff. I find someone who isn't busy and show him my list so he could tell me where some of it is. He takes it and starts to lead me to the screw aisle. Seems like totally standard operating procedure.

While we are walking, he looks at me and says, "You are very beautiful."

what the fuck.

Now he has my list, though, so I can't just walk away. I probably should have said something, but I just wanted to get my things and go. He keeps helping me, but tries to chat me up/hit on me the whole time ("I like your shoes"? lol). It was awkward as hell, and I just tried to make it clear that I was not interested and just wanted my shit.

In hindsight I probably should have spoken to a manager or something, but I needed to get back to work asap. And when I told my boss about it he was all, "was he at least hot??" and acting like it wasn't completely inappropriate so I kind of figured I was being oversensitive.

Hitting on your customers, on the job, when they are CLEARLY uninterested: it's trashy as hell.

EDIT: I wasn't expecting this sort of turnout, but it has been strangely entertaining in a way. I'll make sure to invest in some new big girl panties with the money I get after suing this guy for sexualassaultrapestalkingemotionaldamage. /obviouslykidding

in all seriousness, I know I should have said something, and if it happens ever again, I will, even if it's after the fact. I still think it's common sense not to do this with customers, but you know what they say about common sense.

EDIT 2: sf_d? tsk tsk

(no subject)

My first post here, and it's only a minor one but I found it more facepalmy than anything.

I needed to buy some sellotape, so I went to McColls, the shop that sells stuff like that and where I get most of my stationary on a regular basis. They usually keep their tape on little hanging displays along with the pens, markers, pencils, drawing pins and other similar items, but I could not see any sellotape hanging there on the display. The closest thing was a roll of tiny tape which had a special little cutter device attatched to it, presumably for people that have trouble using scissors. These things are usually more expensive than normal tape, and you also get less tape, and though there were no prices for the either special tiny tape nor the absent sellotape, I would guess it would be the same deal here.

I was debating whether to a) ask an assistant, b) try again on another day or c) just buy the tiny tape. I was about to go with option c, when an assistant walked around the corner - he was clearly assisting another customer so I decided to wait until they were done and then ask if they have any sellotape or if they don't, what the price is for the tiny tape thing. But as luck would have it, the other customer was also trying to buy sellotape. He asked the assistant if they have any, and the assistant looked at the display, saw that there was none, and apologised. "Sorry," he said, "we're sold out, but we do have this one" and he showed the other customer the tiny tape.

Just then, as I turned about to ask what the price of the tiny tape is, I spotted about 10 rolls of sellotape, but instead of hanging on the display where they were meant to be, they were stacked ON TOP of the display, in the place where nobody ever looks. (Seriously, they were covered in dust and it looked like someone had just left them there and forgot to put them on display.) Pleased with my find, I reached to the top of the display, said "here it is", and took one for myself and gave another to the other customer.

I turned to the assistant to ask the price. The assistant looked embarassed, muttered something and scarpered before I had the chance to say anything. Leaving me and the other customer standing there examining the tape and the display to see if we could find the price on our own. There was no price for sellotape written there at all so in the end we had to go to the cashier to find out the price.

Suck because 1) put your items on display 2) price your items clearly 3) don't tell a customer something is sold out when it isn't and 4) please don't just run off when I'm about to ask you a question.
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Small Home Depot B_S

My friend and I were at Home Depot shopping for hanging plants for her new house. We were at the check out, everything was scanned, and then she was presented with the total. While my friend was digging out her wallet, the cashier left the check out lane to go to her friend's/co-workers to pay for a drink. There were a lot of people needing to check out and this girl just ups and leaves to go pay for a drink she could have done on her break or when it wasn't busy. It wasn't like my friend was stalling or taking her sweet time getting her wallet out. She had it out in a matter of seconds.

When the girl came back, I told her it was inappropriate to just leave when there were a lot of customers that needed to check out as well. She apologized, but still. Who does that?