August 15th, 2010


New BP station just opened up... Lessee how this goes.

So, a quick back story of the gas station I'm about to talk about: It used to be a Huck's. The Huck's closed down about a year ago and BP bought it out and has been renovating it (though for a long while it was just sitting there, vacant) since November-ish. It finally opened recently.

My dad and I went into town today (technically yesterday, 14 August) and saw it was open. He need gas, and while we normally go to Mobile he thought he'd give this BP a chance, because obviously BP hasn't had the greatest portrayal in the media (for good reasons), but it isn't this station's fault for that. So we pull in to one of the four pumps and it doesn't seem to be working. The owner (?) was on the other side of the pump and asked us to go to that side, as the side we were on wasn't functioning right.

Should be noted that when we arrived [in our 2002 Honda CRV] at the gas station our tank was 1/4 full. 15.3 gal tank. So we'll say ~4 gallons left for the sake of ease.

We pulled around and started pumping (after a bit of an issue). I stayed in the car and my dad went to grab a window cleaning wand (thing) and by the time he came back (not longer than a minute) the pump had finished. There was no way it had filled up that quickly. But the meter said $38 worth/14 some gallons had been pumped (which, in a 15 gal tank with ~4 gals already ... is ... well... unlikely.) My dad removed the pump and turned on the car to see what our gauge said. What do you know. It said it was 1/2 full now (so about another ~4 gal had been put in). We called over the owner (?), who had been running around the lot on his mobile phone the entire time and told him there's something wrong with his pump. He tried to tell us that sometimes the gas meter in cars takes a while for it to show a proper reading. (My dad said this is true in really old cars, but we've never had this issue with ours.)

The guy basically just brushed us off and ran off on his phone again. My dad was furious, but he knew he couldn't just drive away because that would be stealing. So he went in and paid the some $38 and then called the number on the pump (the one you call if it's not working). We left a message, but who knows if that will do anything.

We then drove about a mile up the road to our Mobile and filled the tank the rest of the way (about another 6 gal for ~$14), which shows our meter wasn't malfunctioning. We took pictures and have receipts, but I'm assuming the pictures won't be much proof.

We also filed a police report at our local PD. Any other suggestions?

ETA: TL;DR: BP Gas pumps 4 gallons of gas into 15.3 gallon car. Claims it pumped 14 gallons. Owner/attendant/whatever refuses to admit pump malfunctions. Dad forced to pay $38 for 4 gallons or it'd be stealing (ironic?).

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My family (my parents, my brother and I) ordered pizza tonight from a cheap restaurant chain. We had ordered from this location many times before. Sometimes they make mistakes, but they were always are happy to correct them.

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tl;dr Our order is late and wrong, we're blamed for supposedly ordering a pizza we didn't want, manager yells at my mother for daring to want her correct pizza when they're busy.