August 13th, 2010

Ainoko #20

Bad service + manager win

I hope that I have this posted in the right community, so here we go. This is an employee suck, wtf and win all in one.

This morning my partner and I stopped at a Golden Arches on our way to the VA hospital for my appointment there to get him something to eat. We walk up to the counter and wait to be served by one of the employees when an angry male employee storms out from behind the counter. As he crossed from the work area into the waiting area, he began to cuss out the manager and the other women behind the counter. His exact words to the manager were to the effect of "You can work drive-thru you f**king c*nt wh*re. All you *insert any derogatory, ethnic slur you can think of concerning Hispanics* can go to hell in hand basket with c**ks shoved in every hole." Before leaving the store. I felt sorry for the women there because of his actions. They were embarrassed from the looks of it. Not to mention that both my partner and I were offended and pissed off over the employees actions.

The win was when the manager told us after he left that he was terminated right then and there for his actions and that the Golden Arches have no place for employees with that kind of attitude.

If this is in the wrong community, please let me know.