August 8th, 2010

Small but annoying

Yesterday my boyfriend and I were on the bus getting ready to go to this food fair down town.
When the bus stopped at the transit center (where we catch the train) we asked him if we could upgrade our tickets for all zones. (There are 3 zones, our tickets cover zones 2 and 3 but we were going in to zone 1 and to upgrade you have to give the driver 30 cents and he gives us a ticket for a 2 hour pass that has zone one punched).
When we asked him for this he told us that he could not do it and that we should ask the next bus over. No a big deal, odd because normally there is no issue but ok.
So we go to the next bus. Right as my boyfriend goes to step on to ask the driver for the upgrades the driver slams the door in his face.
Finally got out tickets but really now.
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