August 6th, 2010


Service WTF

My partner and I are living in an awesome city apartment, but it used to be rented out by heroin, weed abuser, lady of the night who also owed about 8k in rent.

We sorted out our bills, power and gas...etc etc and all was good untill we recived a disconnection order by the state power company. We did not take much note about it because of the fact we still have power and it was address to the tenant. It was also from the company the tenant was using but were not using.
We get a bill from one company but its addressed to the old tenant.
We ring up to find out what going on and we find out that the new company never put us onto their system. We have new order now and its all fixed but thanks to the idiocy of the last tenant and the laziness of both companies we have for the last six months been getting free electricity and neither companies can do anything because its either thier fault or the old tenants.

Unethical hotel service

I know I'm probably going to get flamed, so, disclaimer: I'm aware this is standard operating procedure for pretty much every hotel in existence, and that I should have magicked up a credit card to pay for the hotel because all Americans should have tons of credit card debt, but it's still shitty and unethical.

I booked a hotel through The trip was rather cursed from the beginning, but the hotel was decent. We checked in, and of course, they placed a hold on our debit card against damages, no problem. We checked out Monday morning. The payment cleared, we put the trip behind us (all but the dislocated toe I acquired), and went back to our normal routine.

The shitty service? This morning, we woke up to 3 pending overdraft charges, putting our account in the red even after my SOs paycheck went in (meaning we'll get two more tomorrow morning). What happened? The goddamn hotel never released the hold. Four days is plenty of time to see we didn't damage a damn thing. The bank assured us that this happens all the time, that they just forget to release it. That's lazy and unethical - it's stealing money from their customers, for one thing. What if we'd been rich enough to not notice? Would they have kept our money?

It's particularly frustrating when on Wed, my SO went to the bank (it's his account) and talked to a banker who told him the hold was showing up as $0 to their system so it's not counting against his balance, so he went ahead and paid the bills, which is what gave him the overdraft charges because of course the illegitimate charge went in first, then the bills, then the paycheck, then tomorrow morning the overdraft charges, then a few small purchases we made yesterday, giving us two more overdraft charges, which can't be reversed until they clear. Furthermore, we now have to harass the hotel to give us written confirmation that the charge was illegitimate, and they probably won't put the money back for three business days, according to the banker.

ETA: This is all not to mention the bank, who told us the hold was showing as $0 when we checked it earlier this week (which is why we paid the bills), and who can't reverse the first set of overdrafts until it clears, and who can't prevent the second set from going in overnight tonight either, which means this whole thing won't be cleared up until Monday on the bank's end and probably Wednesday on the hotel's end.

tracfrustration *now with update!

Long time lurker, first-time poster.

This suck has been ongoing since last Wednesday.

Backstory: I have had tracfone (cell phone provider) for about 4 years (not my choice, my dad was just too cheap to give me anything else because apparently I needed to be "taught responsibility", which I get). I have had relatively minor sucks from them in the past (such as them charging for receiving texts as well as sending them, changing their policy with no sort of warning or explanation). But this suck has convinced me that tracfone is the devil itself.

I am going to college in the fall and I need a more reliable, cheaper service, so I started researching unlimited plans on other networks with no contracts. After careful consideration, I decided on MetroPCS, seeing as they have the best coverage and best selection of phones, and a store in the immediate area so I don't have to buy online. The suck isn't on MetroPCS' part at all, and I have been very happy with their service so far.

Cut to last Wednesday, I went in the MetroPCS corporate store to purchase (after much deliberation) the LG Imprint, a relatively cheap smartphone after the back-to-school rebate, and get an unlimited plan for text, web, and talk. I was very much a happy camper. But, I didn't want to have to memorize a new number, so I had the MetroPCS lady (who was nothing but nice, informative, and helpful) send a port request to tracfone for me. We had called tracfone earlier because we needed the account number, we were told we didn't have one, which the Metro lady said was weird. The tracfone rep said that all they (Metro) needed to do was to send the request with my info and that was it. She told me everything was all set, and she warned me that tracfone and another similar provider often gave them a lot of trouble getting old numbers. I didn't take her so seriously, I was sure that I would be fine.

Now, she had told me that if my port request went through (she used "if" so that should have been the first red flag), that I would get a text from MetroPCS saying "Welcome" and such in about 4-5 hours, but it could take up to 24 due to some circumstances. 24 hours came and went, I actually waited 2 days just to give tracfone the benefit of the doubt. My father called them for me (long story short, I'm kind of sort of shy and scared to talk to people, and I haven't had much experience with giving info/etc. because I've only been 18 for several months). They said that his name was on the account, and my name was different from his (duh) on the MetroPCS account. Okay, no biggie, Tracfone changed my old phone to list myself as the holder, said everything was then okay, send another port request. Called up MetroPCS, explained this to them, and they sent another one.

Waited another day or so, no text. Called MetroPCS to check up on the status, said that Tracfone denied the port request for an unknown reason. My dad called up Tracfone again. This time, they said they didn't have my address and therefore needed to confirm it. They get the address, more assurances that everything is fine and to go ahead and send another port request. So I call up MetroPCS again, the person helping me isn't too surprised, sends another one.

Ended up waiting two days, wondering where the hell the text was. I wasn't too mad, I could go on facebook and call people, just no texting and no calls can be made to me. My dad called up Tracfone, we are told that we (yet again) don't have the needed info (keep in mind, we were told that everything would be okay and all set TWICE now). This time we needed an IEMI(?) number. Now by this point, I am livid. Obviously some people at Tracfone do not actually know how anything works, because first I was told I just needed my name, then my address, then this.

New port request, denied. I don't even know what went wrong that time.

I call MetroPCS again, and I get a different lady, who kind of gave me a minor suck. She said that she couldn't send out port requests over the phone. I told her that I have already had two done over the phone. She repeated that she couldn't. I told her either she or her coworkers were misinformed, because I know that they can, or if they can't, two people broke the rules. She told me to hold, she left for about two minutes and I heard nothing, then she came back, repeated that she couldn't. I was confused at this point, and I wanted to talk to her supervisor to at least inform him that if this is the policy, that not everyone is following it (and maybe see if he could please bend the rules one more time if this is the case). But, she mumbled something about transferring me to the Port Request line (I thought this was it?!?) and did so. Which, incidentally, brought me to an automated computer which was none to helpful at all. So I hung up angrily, and decided to go back to the corporate store before work.

So now I supposedly have all the information I need, I go to MetroPCS and get another lovely, equally helpful lady who does another port request for me. She says everything is all set on Metro's end, and that she tried to call tracfone to speed up the process, but whoever answered the port request line was busy and hung up on her (wtf?). She wrote down their number and circled it for me, saying that I can call them if it doesn't get ported over yet again. That was at about 1:00 this afternoon. Still no port, but I have been busy all day and unable to call.

So, no old number for me, still, and it's been over a week.

The worst part of this story is that my best friend's dad just died two days ago, and I have been working and basically unable to reach because of this. I have wanted to be on-call for her desperately in case she needs me, and all this fucking bullshit has stopped me from being a good friend. I am just too drained from the wake tonight to deal with Tracfone most likely denying my port request again. :( It will have to wait until morning.

And, I'm leaving on vacation on Tuesday and I NEED (legit, need) a working cell phone in case I get separated from my family at Universal, and also to meet up with my friends in Florida. I am NOT amused.

Update: I calmed down and waited a day. Called tracfone, they released the number a few hours ago. I'm not waiting for it to be on my new phone. *crosses fingers*
[lust] Danger starts a sharp encline.

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Last week I took in my engagement ring for resizing. Today my fiancé picked it up. "They even polished it for free!" he told me happily. When I actually looked at the ring my heart sank. It's got a pearl in the centre (I know that's not ideal for an engagement ring, but the fiancé bought it as a surprise because he knew I loved it). I don't know how they polished it, but the pearl has these tiny little spots all over it, almost like they pricked it all over with the point of a pin.

I live in Montreal. He lives in Ottawa, which is where the ring was resized. He's visiting me for the weekend and I'm going to Ottawa on Monday, so I'll stop by then and see what they can do - if they can do anything for it. I'm really not impressed. This is a very important piece of jewelry for me, obviously. I've read up on pearl care and I've always been super careful with it - it's the last thing I put on in the morning and the first thing I take off at night and I don't wear it anytime I'm going to be using my hands a lot. I trusted professional jewelers with it and I get it back in this state?

I took some photos. They didn't turn out very well because my camera is crappy, but the damage is visible.

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