August 3rd, 2010

Don't Speak Jackass

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I am, to date, three months pregnant. This isn't my first pregnancy. I'm physically at the point where I need to start looking at maternity clothes. It's not something I absolutely need right now. However, I'm getting big fast so I should probably at least invest in a pair of pants.

My husband, two kids and I take a trip to the mall and I head into the maternity wear store there. The second I set my foot in the store, the trouble began. At first, it was pretty mild and I could ignore it. It was just what happened at the end that really got under my skin.

My husband and son go to the video store down the hall and I take my daughter to the maternity wear store. The clerk does the usual "Hi, welcome to ____ " thing and I say "Oh, thank you. We're just looking."

Clerk: We have a lot of stuff in small. Do you need help finding anything?
Me: No. Thank you. Last pregnancy I was in mediums and anyway, we're just looking.
Clerk: You should really try on the small sizes.
Me:...Thank you. I'm good. I'm not buying anything now. I'm just looking.
Clerk: Okay. Just remember. We have a lot in small.

I decided to ignore her at this point and just focus on listening to my five year old try to give me fashion advice which would have been fun had the woman not gotten less than a foot away from us and interrupt my kid every five seconds.

Daughter: Mommy, I don't think that shirt would look right on you. It's too---
Clerk: Sweetie, let mommy shop okay? Maybe you can help her find small sizes.
Daughter: *watching the woman a bit cautiously before continuing* Those pants are c--
Clerk: Really, honey. Just let your mommy shop, okay? Don't bother her.
Me: *glaring at the woman* Please don't tell my daughter what to do. She's not your concern.

The woman rolled her eyes and went to straighten something.

My daughter wasn't quite sure what to make of this stranger at this point and had gone quiet so I continued looking around with her. Eventually, she spotted breast pumps on the shelf and asked me what they were. I'm not the kind of mom to just go "Lalala don't worry about that! It's nothing!" because in my opinion, she's old enough to at least know and understand that much about mommies and pregnancy and all that so that later when she sees me using one, it doesn't freak her out.

I don't even get a chance to explain it to her. The clerk comes up and interrupts.

Clerk: What an awkward question, huh? HAHAHA! Don't worry about that, sweetie! It's for mommies!

I'd pretty much had more than enough at this point. Maggie and I turned to leave and the clerk calls out with "Come back soon!"

Maybe it's just me and my hormones being nuts but that woman was just obnoxious and rude. I'll not be returning there any time soon.
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Dentist Annoyance

I don't what else to call this but it's a WTF.

Dear Dentist Office:

I know I'm overdue for an appointment. I had to cancel the last one for personal reasons. But, quit calling me every week to remind me!
I will call you.


Would you consider this B_S? At one time my dentist office called at least 2x a week about rescheduleing my appointment.

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