July 27th, 2010


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I feel a teensy bit bad complaining about my coworkers, but this has been getting especially bad now that it's tourist season.

Dear Fellow Retail Workers,

If a customer or customers walk in who can't speak English (especially when they make a point of saying "no English" or some variation), please stop with the rapid-fire hard sell. The really fast talking about a product is normally enough to make any of the customers uncomfortable, but it makes things really awkward (and unnecessarily so) when they've made it clear they have no idea what you're saying.)

I get that we're supposed to sell like crazy and all, but I'm pretty sure you've driven people away from the store with this.


I just want my refund!

I've been ordering my groceries through Coles Online for about six months now, and all has gone smoothly up until the 16th of July. Now, I keep a close eye on our grocery bill - we budget for $150 a fortnight, and I always know the approximate amount of the groceries we order. So the groceries are delivered on the 16th, my husband pays at the door with mobile eftpos as usual, and we carry the groceries into the kitchen. I look at the invoice...and it says the total cost of the groceries is about $226. I point this out to my husband, and ask why he didn't query it with the delivery guy. And I admit that this is kind of my husband's fault for not checking, he says they usually read out the total to him before he pays, but they didn't this time and he didn't ask.

Reading down the invoice, I see we've been charged $77.65 for 250g of mushrooms. Someone has input that we received 7kg of mushrooms! I check, and we received about 10 mushrooms. Ok, mistakes happen. I ring the customer service line, and get a nice enough guy. He offers us the choice of either a credit on our next order, or a refund to our card. I choose the refund, because we only shop fortnightly, money is tight and we kind of need that $77. So he takes the credit card details (it's a VISA debit card, so it's the same card my husband used at the door for EFTPOS) and says he'll process it and depending on our bank it could take 2-4 days to come through.

Now, on the 22nd, it still isn't there. So I ring Coles Online again, and they said it was processed on the 17th, and to ring my bank. So I ring my bank, Bank SA. They have no record of any refund, and they seemed baffled that the refund had been processed as a VISA refund, when we paid by EFTPOS. They said to give it a bit longer, then call Coles again because there was nothing they could do.

Fast forward to today, the 27th. Still no refund. I call Coles Online, and get a grumpy-sounding woman. I tell her the situation, she looks it up and says, once again, it was processed on the 17th. I tell her that my bank has not received it. She checks their bank records, and says it was definitely processed. She says I need to call my bank and ask them to do a retrieval request. Just as we're about to say goodbye, she wants to confirm the first 6 digits of the credit card used for the refund. She reads them out to me, I note them down (because I didn't know the whereabouts of my husband's wallet at the time) and we hang up.

I rummage around and find the wallet, and the card - the numbers she gave me and the numbers on the card don't match. For fucks sake. So I call Coles again, get the same woman (who remembers me) and tell her the numbers don't match. She then starts saying that she doesn't know if the numbers she gave me are even the proper numbers, she said they might be tokens or something due to the privacy act. I have no idea what she's talking about here. She then takes the credit card details again, and says she will talk to her manager and call me back - and it probably won't be today.

Aargh! I'm just about to put my grocery order in for this week, and I really wish I'd just asked for the credit now - I had no idea all this would take so freaking long :(

EDIT: The lady from Coles called me back this afternoon, and confirmed that they did indeed have an incorrect credit card number. She said she had processed my refund to the correct card number now, and apologised. We'll see if it actually comes through this time.
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