July 26th, 2010

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keep the kids away

I was at a lingerie place in the mall the other day.  The place is fairly small, with an aisle of six fitting rooms right next to the cashiers' desk.  There were about 3-4 workers in the store at the time, most of them around that desk.

When I went in to try on some stuff, what do I find, but a little boy lying on the floor and peeking into the changing rooms and giggling?  I was pretty appalled and chased him away, and had my friends stand guard for me. Throughout the entire time we were there, I got walked in on 3 times, twice by kids peeking into all the booths, and had to chase off little boys several more times.

I freaking get that parents may need to bring their kids, but that behavior is so inappropriate I have no words. The parents were doing nothing, and the cashiers - this was happening RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES, they were barely a meter away, I swear - did not give a damn. I complained to them at some point.  You can imagine what a difference that made.

We left pretty quickly, but DAMN. I seriously never want to set foot in there again.
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Yet Another Reverse Bad Service...

I posted a while back about the Cup Cake Catastrophe. I got yelled at for not checking the order, T the baker got yelled at for leaving too much space in the box for the cupcakes to move around and the customer got NOTHING. Moving on.

Last Sunday a woman came in to pick up her grandson's 2nd birthday cake. I see on the tag that says "TRACTOR TRAILER". That's cute. I take it out and open it up and NOTHING. There are green and yellow balloons. (Like the John Deere colors.) The woman is PISSED. The whole theme of the birthday is tractors. That was the WHOLE POINT. She is fuming mad at us. Understandably so. My co-worker C comes over and says, oh, I remember our baker, T, talking about how she can't put pictures on cakes if they want chocolate frosting.

What? If that was so, why the hell didn't she call the customer and ask her if she wanted to change it? We offered to give her the cake for half off, and she took it. I really think we ought to have just given it to her for free. I hope she calls and complains to my manger. I felt so bad for her and the rest of her family. Poor little kid's birthday ruined.

I still don't understand why you can't put pictures on cakes with chocolate frosting. I'm so glad Weds is my last day there!
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