July 21st, 2010

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The Joys of Cable

My parents have New Wave Communications as a cable provider and I generally spend a lot of time bouncing back and forth between their house and my apartment, so I also get the joy of dealing with calling tech support when there's a problem with a cable.

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Racist window display

Oh Australia, I love but what is with the race fail nowadays?

Usually I love shopping at privately owned or boutique book stores but the one that I usually go to had golliwogg dolls up on display.

I went in, asked for the manager and basically explained why it was racist.

All I got was "That is your opinion" and "Kids don't care". I tried explaining further that just because children didn't care, doesn't mean it was right to have them up there. They weren't even on sale so the lady would have lost nothing by taking them down.

I'm going to give them a day to take it down other wise I will be emailing and leaving reviews all the over the place.

Got to say, I won't be shopping there any more which is a pity since it was so close to work.
bad idea

WTF at Walgreens

Monday night, I go in, I grab some stuff, I go to the checkout. My purchases come to about $12, and I pay in all $1's because I forgot to cash in my tips that day (I work as a hair stylist.)
The cashier sort of smirks, and asks, "Busy weekend at work?"
I say, "Uh...yeah."
"So how was it at the club?"
I notice he's holding my bills very gingerly, as if I'm passing around some sort of disease with my dollars.
"What do you mean?"
"Y'know, Visions. Looks like you did a lot of dancing this weekend."

Visions is a strip club.

The only thing that wiped the stupid little smirk off his face was when I asked for a manager. I don't care if you were "only joking," dude, and I have nothing against strippers, but that was just way inappropriate. Why would you even say that to someone!?

EDIT: When I asked for the manager, his whole face froze and he's like uh, I was only joking! I said that's fine, but I'd still like to see a manager. I told the manager what happened, said I understood joking around on the job, but I considered that incredibly unprofessional and inappropriate, and I would not be coming to that branch in the future. I was assured that the cashier would definitely be talked to and reprimanded. My boyfriend actually works at a different Walgreens, and he said the cashier would probably also have to rewatch some of the training videos.