July 15th, 2010


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I have been having tendinitis in my right arm, and I figured it might be related to using the mouse on my computer. So I decided to switch to using a trackball instead of a conventional mouse. Trackballs look like this or this, for example.

I started with the department stores like Zellers and Wal-Mart. Nothing there, so I started going to computer and electronics stores. My first stop was The Source by Circuit City (which used to be Radio Shack.) I looked around at the computer peripherals, and a store employee asked if I needed help.

"Do you have any trackballs?" I asked.

"What's a trackball?" was his response.

Dude, you work in a computer/electronics store and don't know what a trackball is? "A computer pointing device that is not a mouse," I replied.

He snorted. "There is no such thing as a computer pointing device that is not a mouse," he informed me.

"Oh yes there is," I replied. "I've seen them. I've used them."

He finally agreed to look them up on his store computer. "Oh, so that's what a trackball is," he said when he finally found one. "But we don't sell them. They're too expensive. None of our customers would buy one."

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Just got off the phone with AT&T twice, and a chat session with Comcast.

We have been on DSL Direct for a while now, upgraded to 1.5 for a bit, didn't see a difference, downgraded back again because of money that we're not going to throw away for no speed difference.  For reference, we have been on the 768 kbps for $19.99 a month plan, and it works ok.

We are getting roommates, and we have moved to a new place.  So we wanted to go ahead and try the 1.5 mbps speed again, since the wiring in the new house is going to be different from the old apartment.

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MS Society Annoyance

Not OMG crazy bad like some of the posts below, but moderately annoying nonetheless.

I got diagnosed with MS in April, and almost immediately thereafter joined the MS Society for news and information. Now, the Ohio chapter of the MS society is fairly active -- different fundraisers and such. One that they were doing was a "Young Adult Happy Hour" open to MS people and a guest. I fit the age bracket, I like beer, I signed up! It was $10, included 2 drink tokens and appetizers.

You had to pre-register, which I did end of June. They also required an e-mail address and phone number *in case changes were made*. I noticed that the $10 debit posted to my account around the 1st of July. The Happy Hour was yesterday. I showed up ~ 15 minutes after it was supposed to start, to...nothing. The hostess I spoke to had to go find a manager to find out what I was talking about. It was canceled! Now, when I got home, the return was pending in my account, or I'd be even more annoyed, but why take an e-mail and/or phone number if you're not going to use it?? They seem to love using the phone number to call for donations... I was really looking forward to it too.
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