July 12th, 2010


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I've never had an issue with CVS before *moving here 2 years ago*. I usually refill the prescription online so I can have it a couple of days before it normally goes through. When you refill the prescription online you have the choice of what time to pick it up. I like to do my errands in the afternoon so I picked 1pm for pick up. I end up getting there around 2:30pm after dealing with some customer_suck over in Walmart and I walk up to the counter and tell the lady I am picking up a prescription under my name. She just looks at me for far too long of a time and then goes and checks. She checks the waiting area, the waiting to be put in the waiting area and the just filled area. Nothing. She checks the computer and tells me it will be 15minutes before it's ready. I was pissed but didn't say anything, because why the hell did it even give me an option for a time to pick it up if you ass-hats aren't going to fill it for when I requested to pick it up? So I wait about 3 minutes and decide to walk to the bank in the meantime. By the time I get back it's been almost 25 minutes because the bank is several blocks away. I didn't know it was so difficult to scan a box of Yasmin and put it in a fucking bag and print out a receipt and staple it to it. It's not like you had to count pills or measure out liquid. Why even bother giving me the option to choose the time to pick it up if they aren't going to actually have it ready when I arrive? A whole 1.5 hours later?

*edit* I'm sorry you all believe I'm over reacting and to a certain extent I am. I admit it. However this happens Every. Single. Time. Regardless of what time I choose to come and pick it up. It's never ready. I just wonder why they even have the option of letting people choose the time to pick it up if they can not follow it.