July 11th, 2010

Hate Die

Verizon, oh how you suck...

Sorry ahead of time for this entry since i can't format it right do to only having a phone to do this on. Last Saturday night i had Halo night with my buddies and had to take the DSL box from it's seat next to the computer to my basement where the XBox is. The week before this we were having trouble with the power cable to the box so when i put it back next to the computer, i think the cord finally had it and died. No problem, my mom just went out Sunday morning and bought a new power cord. We plugged everything in and it was fritzing. The USB light was staying on, the rest of the lights were flashing and the DSL light flashed red then went to orange and staid that way. Not only that, when we picked up our house phone, it sounded like an open line. My mom calls Verizon and the earliest they can be here is Wednesday between 8am and 7pm. Holy cow with the time gap but whatever, i'm always home. Wednesday comes and goes, our phone and internet still aren't working because noone came out to fix it. So my mom calls to ask what the hell is going on. They say that they didn't have enough time to get out here to fix it and they will send someone Thursday. The next day someone shows up checks it and says it's an office fix and that someone will call on the house phone in 20 min to make sure it's working and if not he'll come back out. Still not working, never showed. My mom calls them all day Friday and it still wasn't fixed. So Monday it will be my turn to raise hell if it isn't fixed. I think the best part of this all was when my complaining about it not being back on and the Verizon chick started to ask why we needed it on so badly. Because it is a service we are paying for but are not recieving. Besides, it's really none of her business.

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