July 10th, 2010

New Policy?

 I went to the electronics department at WalMart today- just to get a pair of ear buds-when I saw TWO PC games on the reduced rack. One of them had two price stickers so I left the department to walk maybe three-four meters into the toy department to use the price-check scanner.

Somewhere, a DEF-CON FOUR alarm must have went off because that's when one of the WalMart employees pulled on the handle of my backpack (to the point where I jerked out of his hold and was pretty much walked back into the department) and told me that I couldn't leave the electronics department without paying for the two games and the ear buds. A total of about $30-$35 with taxes.

I thought you only HAD to pay in the electronics department if you were buying something well, expensive/locked up. It's a pretty idiotic rule, considering the layout/size of most WalMart electronics departments, as forcing customers to pay at their check-outs does nothing but block up the entire entrance. DD:

 Either way, there's no need to be grabbing me, dude. I was just checking the price because WalMart is pretty much crap at having proper, correct signage. >[