July 7th, 2010


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Recently legislation to ban Light/Medium/Mild/Low-Tar/etc from cigarette packs (edit: in the US only, pretty sure) went into effect. Rather than being referred to as light, medium, mild, etc, different styles of cigarettes are now "color coded."

Light cigarettes are gold, ultralights are silver, etc. I think, anyway -- I'm not sure on the specifics of how each company is handling it. Some of them released "If you used to smoke x, ask for y now" guides but I didn't pay much attention to the hullabaloo because I don't smoke the affected cigarette types. But all of this is clearly because we smokers are just so stupid and we don't realize smoking = bad no matter the type of cigarette.

But anyway, this is a relatively new law, so I don't expect that every employee of every little corner store I frequent will be completely comfortable with it yet. That's fine. Collapse )
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TL;DR: In FIOS universe, final bill is not the last bill you paid, but two empty bills before you can get a refund. Apparently.

Bonus point for the person I spoke to when I called back (after a few more attempts with the automated system from hell) having absolutely no idea what the person before meant by having two final bills. My refund check may already be on its way, which is unfortunate, because it is being sent to my old address instead of my new one.