July 2nd, 2010


shitty psychotherapist

Alright, so a little bit of back story. I have been sober for 2.5 years from prescription pain meds, specifically, oxycontin. I was at the ripe old age of 20 when I finally got it together. In order to help stay sober, my parents hired a psychotherapist (not a psychiatrist, she couldnt prescribe meds or anything) for me to see 3 times a week.

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Long story short, shitty psychotherapist manipulates and drags me into her own world of craziness.
the boys from queens

Totally sending this to them

Dearest Bank of America,

I appreciate all of your security actions, really I do, but would you please stop flagging every single purchase I make as fraud? It's really starting to get tiresome having to call and approve every other purchase-- not to mention embarrassing when my card is declined and I have to explain the situation. I know my card is being used all over the UK, but really BoA? I was using it there for nearly a month before you started flagging shit. And there are travel notes all over my account; why you can't see them until I call and tell you they're there, I have no idea. You should probably fix that.

And to that bitch who managed to convince me I had been frauded (which I will take some responsibility for) and cancelled my card before (wrongly) telling me I'd have to visit a BoA in order to get a new card, making me believe that I was stuck in a foreign country with zero money? Fuck you. A lot.