July 2nd, 2010


shitty psychotherapist

Alright, so a little bit of back story. I have been sober for 2.5 years from prescription pain meds, specifically, oxycontin. I was at the ripe old age of 20 when I finally got it together. In order to help stay sober, my parents hired a psychotherapist (not a psychiatrist, she couldnt prescribe meds or anything) for me to see 3 times a week.

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Long story short, shitty psychotherapist manipulates and drags me into her own world of craziness.
the boys from queens

Totally sending this to them

Dearest Bank of America,

I appreciate all of your security actions, really I do, but would you please stop flagging every single purchase I make as fraud? It's really starting to get tiresome having to call and approve every other purchase-- not to mention embarrassing when my card is declined and I have to explain the situation. I know my card is being used all over the UK, but really BoA? I was using it there for nearly a month before you started flagging shit. And there are travel notes all over my account; why you can't see them until I call and tell you they're there, I have no idea. You should probably fix that.

And to that bitch who managed to convince me I had been frauded (which I will take some responsibility for) and cancelled my card before (wrongly) telling me I'd have to visit a BoA in order to get a new card, making me believe that I was stuck in a foreign country with zero money? Fuck you. A lot.


Mara Jade

Drug Store

Tried to fill a prescription at a national chain drug store where I've filled all my prescriptions for several years. Called it in on Wednesday. The prescription had run out of refills, but normally (as long as it's not an antibiotic or controlled substance) they just call the doctor to get a new prescription by phone. Nobody called me back about it, so I assumed it was okay.

Big mistake, obviously. Got there today and stood in line behind two other people picking up prescriptions. Both people said they called in refills. Both times, the pharmacist spent about 5 minutes staring at the computer screen as if she'd never seen one before, then repeating "it's X drug, right? We have X" despite multiple assertions that no, it was Y.

So then it's my turn. I tell the pharmacist what I'm picking up; cue more blank staring. They have to call over another pharmacist to help decipher the screen. They have no record of my having called the prescription in. They are perplexed not by the fact that there are no refills left, but by the fact that I originally filled the prescription at another store (never mind the fact that you are a chain and I have never had issues going from one store to another in the past).

Since they seem to have no clue what to do and won't even address me with questions, I say that they usually call my doctor if there aren't any refills. After a bit more confusion, they look up my doctor's number. "Okay, we'll fax the doctor," they say, "but you have to call the doctor's office to make sure they got the fax." Um, why?

Haven't tried to pick it up again yet, but I'm a bit worried that these are the people handling my drugs...