June 30th, 2010

Cricket by me

Burger King screw up

This is minor but it doesn't seem so minor when I am stuck at work for another 4 1/2 hours and nothing to eat for lunch.

I went through the drive through and ordered a plain cheeseburger. Very simple. I get back to work and it has everything on it. My lunch hour is over I can't just run back and exchange it so I am stuck with nothing for lunch. When I called to complain the manager said "Well she didn't ring it up as plain." Like that meant it wasn't their fault. But I was looking at the receipt and it was rung up as plain.
Trinity Knot

Subways Suck

I love to eat at subways for lunch. My favorite sandwich is the new orchard chicken salad on a wrap, with some veggies. Its simple and tasty, and having a wrap makes it easier to eat on the run, and its a really simple sandwich for the 'artists' to make. Unfortunately they seem to be trying to make it harder on themselves.

Monday, the first day of my new schedule, I go to the Coney Island Subway for lunch, and order my sandwich. Collapse )

TL:DR Sandwich artist refuses to make sandwich to customer order. Ruins sandwich bread, and more importantly hurts himself in the process, then tries to duplicate his mistake. Customer insists he make sandwich to order second time around.