June 28th, 2010

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Fed Ex claimed to have delivered

Hello all- I've been lurking and reading your posts on B_S and need some advice with some trouble I'm having with FedEx.

I had ordered two items from Eddie Baur and was keeping track of their shipping/delivery online. Last Friday I was checking for updates and FedEx said that they delivered my items just after 10 am. I checked my front door and my mailbox. No package. I checked the front doors of a few of my neighbors to see if they got my package by mistake. Nope.

I emailed FedEx that same Friday stating I did not receive my package as they claimed to have delivered.
This Monday I got an email from them saying it was delivered at such and such a time and should have been left where I normally get packages. Then told me to contact my shipper Eddie Baur to let them know of the situation and gave me an web address for more info.

I'd like to call bullshit on this one because I was home Friday and would have heard my door ring. Any suggestions?
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