June 23rd, 2010

Mind Fuck  By:  marumaru_san

A McD's question

I'm not sure if this qualifies as bad service but I think there are probably people who read this that may work at McDonald's and can tell me.

I've been on a caramel sundae kick lately and usually I'll go to Braum's because their caramel is so yummy but a couple of times recently I've wanted soft-serve ice cream instead of hard-packed.  Braum's only has soft-serve yogurt so I went to McDonald's instead.  Here's where the potential suckery comes in.

The first one happened a couple of weeks ago.  I ordered a caramel sundae and the girl said "We don't have those."  I was having a bad day and will admit I was a little snippy and said "Well, you shouldn't have it on the menu if you don't have it." and she responds back "Oh, we're just out of caramel, can I get you hot fudge instead?"  I said no and we drove away.  Okay, they're out of caramel, which I can sort of understand because of the new Caramel Frappe but she should have said they were out to start with instead of telling me they don't have them.

So, Monday night, I try again.  The guy tells me they don't serve caramel sundaes anymore.  Fine, I drive away again.  But, I get to thinking, it's still on the menu so I check the McDonald's website.  They list caramel sundaes as one of the desserts. 

My question is:  Has McD's recently stopped selling caramel sundaes or are the people at my McD's just not wanting to make them?