June 20th, 2010


Dear Chevy's: Thanks for the laughs!

This particular bad_service was so absurd that we were all in tears laughing about it by the time we all received the food we actually ordered. I have no idea what was going on in the Chevy's kitchen last night, but I assure you it was nothing good.

So we go out for a family dinner at Chevy's. The diners are myself, my husband, my FIL, my MIL, and my SIL. The two boys order mixed grill fajitas.

The three girls ordered a different variant of the fajita tacos:
  • I ordered combination (one chicken taco, one steak taco) fajita tacos with no pico de gallo and refried beans.
  • MIL ordered chicken fajita tacos with black beans.
  • SIL ordered gluten free chicken fajita tacos with black beans.
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Quick Version: In what appears to be some sort of haphazard comedic sketch, Chevy's repeatedly delivers food that is either almost-but-not-quite right, or completely not ours at all to our table. Our table proceeds to traumatize a young food delivery guy. The manager comps one entree for our troubles and an hour and twenty minutes after arriving we finally leave Chevy's with bellies that are full of deliciousness and that ache from laughing so hard at the ridiculous service we received.

Hilariously bad service turned good.

The Chevy's story reminded me of a very similar experience some friends and I had at Applebees while on vacation.

Now granted, we were a big group but we weren't being difficult at all. It was myself, my then boyfriend, our friend K and her 3 yr old son A and her fiance J, and K's parents G and D. Our waiter comes over, takes our drink orders, and  away he goes.

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TL&DR: Went to Applebees, waiter messed up drink orders, and burger orders, and after 3 tries still couldn't bring the correct wings to the table. Took him 20 minutes to get the receipt and he still couldn't figure out the register. Manager comped the entire meal...for a table of 7.