June 11th, 2010

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Today on the way to my aunt's house, my mom had us stop to pick something up at Sonic. I'd had their Java Chillers (a sort of coffee-flavored milkshake) several times and while I consider them over priced (at my location they're nearly 4 dollars for a somewhat modestly sized regular) I also consider them delicious and delightful. What I received however was a very gross looking and tasting mixture of half water or maybe melted ice? And another half extremely frothy, almost sour tasting ice cream (it was literally like foam.)

My mom refused to let me return it or complain (it was very hot and she didn't want to wait in the car any longer - our Sonic is also kind of notoriously slow.  Like, order a hamburger and get it at least 15+ minutes later slow.), and says I'm being unreasonable and that their machine must be broken. I'm fine with that, but if your machine is broken or malfunctioning, shouldn't you inform people of that?
This is actually the second time I've gotten a Java Chiller like this, the first time they apologized and said they were having problems with their machine. That was two weeks ago - why aren't they just telling people the machine is on the fritz?

I've seen other businesses put signs over the menu saying the ice cream machine is out of order. Am I really being unreasonable for thinking it is bad service not to inform customers your machine isn't working? The shakes are VISIBLY very messed up - I don't think they could have over looked it unless they simply didn't look at the Chiller at all, especially since this has possibly been going on for two weeks.