June 6th, 2010


Return to Wishard

This is unique--I've never been to Wishard twice in 24 hours before.

After I was discharged early Saturday morning and had to contact a friend for a ride home, I was told to be on bed rest for the day. Once I took the morning psych meds a few hours later, I began vomiting. Repeatedly. I couldn't get ahold of the after-hours nurse at the clinic (isn't a situation like mine the reason for an after-hours nurse?), so I called Health Connection since their number was on my discharge instructions. A nurse called me back, took my symptoms, then told me I needed to go back. One staff member agreed to drive me as long as I said I didn't say he gave me a lift.

Side note: I was somewhat amused by the crisis counselor who said I could be held in contempt of court because I couldn't get in to see the psychiatrist. She asked me "Why didn't you demand to be admitted and tell them you didn't think you were ready for discharge?" My reply was "Because this is not an episode of House!" To tell the truth, I'm not sure that would work even in today's TV Land...

Well, the doc ordered an IV of Fenegrin (sp?), which knocked me out. They did a blood test and urine test, said I probably had a flu bug in addition to the heat exhaustion/dehydration, then sent me home. I told them I was steamed about having to come back, then got the "we sympathize with you, but..." lecture.

I've been on bed rest ever since, but I've managed to keep food down. I've also left messages on my psychiatrist's and therapist's voice mails; we'll see what happens. I know the therapist will call me back, but she's not the one writing the prescriptions.