June 2nd, 2010

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This is an update to my last post .

  So I went to my family doctor yesterday.  She managed to get my MRI set up locally yesterday at 4.  Yup.  Same day.  She also got them to see me next Wednesday afternoon at the neurosurgeon's office.  They told me he was on vacay until June 7th.  I guess something came up.  Even though I am a bit paranoid they lied to me and it took someone with "Dr." in front of their name to get anywhere.  Dr. T is an awesome dr. but she is really a patient's advocate.  

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Apple fanboy won't listen to my needs.

So I went to Futureshop and went in the laptop section to look up cheap netbooks
since I only want a small internet ready computer at a low price.

I have a very good desktop , so I don't need a powerhouse.

So I,m in the section when the guy in charge f that section comes up to me.

Him : - Hi! can I help you with something?

Me : - Yeah , I'm just looking up cheap netbook computers.

Him: - Well , you know .. netbooks aren't that great , but lemme show you this here! Its the new iPad and..

Me : -hum.. but I'm looking for netbooks .. not the iPad

Him : - But like , the iPad is so much better!

Me: - *rolls eyes* Still doesn't have flash support... anyways I want a NETBOOK , not a slate.

Him : -Flash sucks , it's old and over rated !

Me: - *getting a bit louder at that point* DUDE! Not the point! I want a PC so I can browse the internet without seeing broken plugin icons! and--
*was going to add " do tasks that require low CPU performance like playing very old games like simcity 2000 or stuff like that"*

*the guy cuts me*

Him : - Well websites ARE being remade for the iPad!

At that point I just got tired of it.
I just left and before leaving the store I made an official complaint against the guy.

Seriously , if you can't stop wanking over your fanboyism love objects while I'm trying to buy something from your store
you should find a new job.

And YES , I agree flash can be a bit heavy and rusty , but MANY websites are made in flash and I don,t wanna pay 500$ and not be able to access them.