May 30th, 2010

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FedEx Got Me Yelled At

Here in Nashville, we have recently had record flooding. Because of this, my boyfriend has been ordering stuff left and right to replace what was damaged, mostly musical equipment. We've been getting a lot of packages delivered, and since he is gone this weekend, I put them aside for him to open when he got home. He got a large one on Friday, that I figured was his guitar or mandolin, and I mentioned it to him tonight. I had a busy weekend, so I wasn't home much and had kind of forgotten about it. When the delivery guy had dropped it off, he didn't knock; I saw him running back to his truck when I happened to glance out the window.

Anyway, my boyfriend asked me to open it tonight while we were on the phone. I was immediately confused, because there were dozens of packets of white lace. I think they're veils. I asked him what on earth it was, and then found an invoice and realized there were two dresses in there as well. One is a wedding gown and one is apparently a bridesmaids dress. Each item was sealed in its own clear bag, and I did not open any of those. I looked at the invoice and saw that there was about $600 worth of stuff in the box, and it listed a phone number for the bridal store in California, and the bridal store it was supposed to go to here. I tried the CA number first, got no answer, and thought I would try the local number, even though it's Sunday. I figured that someone must be worried about it, and it was shipped Express.

So I called the number, and a lady answered and we had a very confusing conversation. She spoke in a heavy accent, and was hard to understand, but I told her that I had the box and that I could bring it to her shop tomorrow. She insisted that I had signed for it, but I never signed for anything. The delivery guy didn't even ring my doorbell. I see now that the package was not addressed to me; but my house number and the number of the business are a match. Other than that, wrong side of town completely. The address label had really small print, so I hadn't seen that it was addressed to the business. The woman was pretty nice, but there was a man arguing with her in the background in Spanish, and then she asked me to hold, but he came on the phone and started yelling at me. He was also hard to understand, but he wanted to know why I had opened the package if it wasn't addressed to me. I tried to explain that I had been expecting a package, and that when you expect a package and one arrives to your home, you tend to open it, but he was very angry and I don't know if he understood me. He then said that I had to bring it to Fed Ex, not to his store, because I had opened it and he would not accept the package. I explained that I did not open the individual packages inside. He asked me why I was calling now, because it was Sunday, and he was supposed to get it Friday, and I explained that I had been busy and since I thought it was just the guitar, I hadn't bothered to look at it until now. He hung up on me.

I want to make it really clear that my complaint is not with this couple; it is with FedEx. But I am not happy that their shit service got me yelled at. The funny thing is, about a week ago FedEx left two white shipping envelopes stuck in my front door, and they were addressed to my neighbor, and when I brought them over (I saw their names on it before opening them up), my neighbor told me that they were some concert tickets. So twice in one week, FedEx has delivered two different shipments to my house, that were addressed clearly and correctly to other people.

My question is... what on earth do I do with this package? I must be missing something, because I don't see a phone number on FedEx's website. And if I make a complaint, what should I say? I am trying to get this taken care of and make everyone happy, but I don't really feel that I should have to fix their mistake.

Slight edit to add: Is it bad that I opened it? I wouldn't have done so intentionally, I just thought it was for us.

UPDATE: Called FedEx and spent way too long on the phone getting it sorted out. They're coming tomorrow to pick it up, which I find weird, since the box originally was supposed to be express sent for Friday delivery. They want me to leave it outside on my doorstep. I feel a little uncomfortable doing that since it's a pretty pricey package, but I guess I'll just keep an eye out and make sure it gets picked up. I asked them if they were going to contact the business that it was supposed to go to, and the FedEx woman on the phone said she wasn't sure, that was up to some other department, or.. something. Just as long as the angry guy doesn't call me back today or anything. Also, originally the employee started telling me I would have to bring the package to whatever FedEx place, but I very politely told her that wasn't going to happen.
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