May 28th, 2010


Airline Bad Service when it comes to refunds....

Background: Last year my dad purchased 3 round trip airline tickets for my mom, my son, and himself. He purchased them on March 24, 2009 using his Citibank Visa. When the bill comes the next month my dad paid off the balance. The trip was scheduled from July to August. On May 9, 2010 my dad passed away. It was the most horrible experience I've ever had to deal with. A few days after my dad's memorial service he was cremated. I called Mexicana Airlines on May 12, 200 9 to tell them my dad had passed and we wanted to know what would happen with his ticket. My mom had been hoping that it could be transferred to me and I would use it. But they said no. We could only get a refund and all I need to do was send an email to customer service requesting the refund.

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Dad buys airline ticket for family but then passes away and I request a refund that takes almost 6 months to receive.

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