May 24th, 2010

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Time Warner Cable - left hand/right hand disconnect

So this is all resolved now, finally about a month and a half after the journey started. But more than slightly irritating!

I had been contemplating getting digital phone service, because AT&T was extorting $50 a month from me for my land line that I rarely used. Mobile phones don't work so hot in my neighborhood, so I couldn't go that route.

TWC sent a flier for a bundle package that added phone to the cable and internet I have through them, plus a couple of premium channels and a DVR, all for $40 less than I was paying for cable/internet + phone combined, all with a 2-year locked in rate. Collapse )

So I take the work order number to the office and tell them what happened. At first they don't even want to look it up. When I'm about to throw a huge stompy customer_suck style fit, they finally look it up and hand off a shiny new DVR.

The irony? I've hardly watched TV at all since I switched to a more robust plan, and haven't once used the DVR *sigh*.

TLDR: Phone agents and office agents seem to have disparate computers, techniques, rules, ettiquitte.