May 22nd, 2010


Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield - DIAF

My husband has sleep apnea. If you don't know what that is, basically it means you stop breathing in your sleep. Scary shit. He's been on a cpap machine while sleeping for a few years, but it had lots of problem. The mask (he's tried 10+ different kinds over the years) slipped off if he moved even slightly, water collected in the tube and would dump on his face, it was very loud and had a habit of waking us up with loud gurgling and buzzing noises ... So yah, we were very interested in the surgery to fix this.

So in February my husband had his tonsils removed, uvula shaved off, and his deviated septum fixed. Success! No more sleep apnea. I can't tell you what a relief it is to not worry about that anymore. It was terrifying waking up at night and finding him not breathing.

However, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield has decided that this surgery wasn't medically necessary after giving us the pre-approval for the surgery. So the entire $50,000+ hospital bill has fallen back on us. The hospital took 20 grand off the total, but that's still $30,000 that they're expecting us to magically produce.

WHY have we been paying $200 a month for the past four years, to a company that posted record numbers last year, raised their rates by 36%, and gave their VIPS huge bonuses, who then turn around and tell me that my husband being able to breathe isn't important enough for them to cover? This isn't even mentioning that they regularly deny claims from our GP for standard tests (throat swab, an x-ray, a pregnancy test before said x-ray, etc), resulting in us owing a ridiculous amount of money DESPITE our supposed 'coverage'.

So screw you, Anthem. You're nothing but a bunch of crooks. I WILL be fighting this, believe me.

Edit: I would just like to add that Angela Braly, the CEO of Wellpoint (Anthem's parent company) took home a whopping $13 million last year between her salary, stock options, and bonuses. When I find her contact information (and believe me, I will; I'm a housewife with nothing better to do than spend all day searching the internet) I will be sharing it with anyone else who would like to contact her and request that she share some of that money to pay for claims her company denied.