May 20th, 2010

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How many times do you put up with shoddy service at a cafe before you complain or stop going?

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TL;DR: Cashier argues with my boyfriend about the viability of chicken salad sandwiches, and then gets my entire order wrong.

We decided the food is good enough that we will go back again, but if we have any more weird experiences we'll either complain or stop going. Which option would you choose?

Underemployed physician?

I just bought my first house, and went to the local Lowe's to pick up some things.  Now, I use a wheelchair, and I have an electric wheelchair and a lift attached to my car.  However the charger got misplaced in the packing and I couldn't use mine today.  I can walk a little (like 20-30 yards) but I'm really not supposed to walk often and I experience excrutiating pain when I do.  However, I don't really "look" disabled, and I'm young.  This is important background knowledge.

So, I walk into Lowe's and look around for one of those electric carts big stores sometimes provide.  I didn't see any, so I asked the lady standing at the customer service desk.  This was the conversation:

Me:  Hi, do you happen to have any of those electric shopping carts at this store?
"Customer Service" Genius: *looks around pointedly* Well, do you see any?
Me: No, but this is my first time in this store, I just moved to the area, so I don't really know where you keep them.
CSG: We have a few, but I don't know where they are right now.  You could walk around the store and see if anyone left them in the aisles, or maybe check the parking lot too.
Me: Well, I really can't walk that far.  Maybe you could find someone to check for me?
CSG: *big sigh* I can't leave the CS counter.
Me:  That's okay, I don't expect that.  Can you ask someone else to look?
CSG: *calls over stock person walking by* Hey, Eddie, can you see if you can find this perfectly healthy young person an electric buggy?
Me: *head boggles* ....

Really?  Are you sitting on some magical medical degree that has granted you the ability to diagnose people with only a few sentences and a glance?  Why the hell would anyone say something like that.