May 15th, 2010

Black Butterfly

Tutoring Fail

Here's some background.

In September of 2008, I decided to take organic chemistry.  I suck at chemistry but I needed the course to apply to professional school and I needed an awesome grade.  About two weeks into the course, I requested a tutor.  Around midterm time, they sent me an email basically saying that those people who have the grade to tutor the course, are too busy to tutor.  Okay.  A week before the final, the emailed me saying that they found someone who'll be able to tutor me.  They gave me her email.  I emailed her and got no response.  Doh.  I passed... but with a 57.  I retained NOTHING from the course.

In February of this year, I decided I was going to retake the course in the spring.  I didn't feel confident going into organic II next year knowing nothing. As soon as I made the decision to retake the course, I emailed the tutoring office using their online submission form.   I said that I took the course in 2008 and couldn't get a tutor.  I also said that if they couldn't find me a tutor if they could tell me other ways how I could go about getting one.  No response.

A couple of weeks before final exams, I popped over to the tutoring office.  My friend needed some extra cash and decided to sign up to be my tutor.  We filled out the applications and I passed in my timetable for the spring.  When I passed in my application, I was told that they were getting a new coordinator and that she'd be starting within the next two weeks.  She'd look at our applications when she started.

Exams were two weeks long. Another week went by, and next thing I knew, I was starting my course.  Still hadn't heard from the tutoring office.  The first week of class, my friend went up to check on things.  The coordinator was out of the office.  He stopped in a few days later and she hadn't gotten a chance to look at the applications.

On Monday, my friend checked again.  She told him that he needed to fill out another application form and that they'd be hiring soon.  Wtf?  Two weeks of classes have gone by.  I needed a tutor two weeks ago.  I have a midterm Wednesday, so I really need one NOW. The course is over the first week of June.

I'm going to find the time to stop in Monday.  Considering I've been looking since FEBRUARY, I have a right to be livid right?

I'm starting to stress :(  It's been a year and a half since I've taking a chem course and three years since I've taken gen chem.  I'm incredibly rusty and all of this stuff that's supposed to be common knowledge or review is taking me forever to relearn :(

ETA: My friend has been helping me, but he'd rather be making the money and I'd rather not be paying it (I get 10 free hours a week if I do it through the school).  I'll be going to the coordinator and the prof (who is the dean) on Monday.  I have a bunch of questions to ask my prof anyway :P

Bad Service at Faux British Pub

Hubby had the responsibility to arrange a reception for some dignitaries who were attending a cadet function today. He booked tables and snacks at our local faux british pub for approximately 40. The actual number that turned up was less than that, but we had forewarned them that there would be a large party, so you'd think the waitress would be ready.
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