May 9th, 2010

Rafal Olbinski

You're kidding, right?

I've discovered that car shopping is a huge pain in the ass. The other day, I went to the Ford dealership and took a Taurus for a test drive. When I got back I told the salesman that I could feel the car pulling to the right. He thought about it for a minute and said "There's nothing wrong with the car. I think the street's just tilted."
I hate when car salespeople look at me and just assume I'm stupid because I'm female.


There is this super cute old timey corner store down the street from my house, and in the mornings it has a little cafe.  I love it. My friend and I go there for breakfast frequently on the weekends.  Recently I noticed a "Hiring" sign for a new chef, and lo and behold, there is now a new chef.

This morning i ordered French Toast.  They serve it with a little tin cup that holds the mini ice-cream scoop of butter.  The butter looks... gross.  Looks like it melted from sitting under the heat lamp, was removed from the heat lamp enough to re-coagulate, and then under the heat lamp melted a bit again.  Butter is butter, I don't use that much, I'm over it.  But it now makes sense, since when the waiter went to pick up my food, he stopped for a second to ask something about the butter to the chef, who told him it was fine.  (I was sitting about eight feet away from the kitchen window.)  So I start to use said butter.  GROSS.  There are crumbs and stuff in it.  This is obviously USED.  Since when is it okay to take a USED portion of someone else's meal and give it to another customer?

I am not a confrontational person, so I just let it be and plan not to go there for awhile.  This guy has been there a few weeks and ever since he started, my food has been undercooked (like burned outside, raw inside), and once he messed up an order for my friend so to fix it, he scraped off the part that was "wrong" or whatever, and just put new stuff on it.  Hey no harm, no foul, although that's a lazy and cheap ass thing to do.  But my pet peeve is, what if I were allergic to whatever it was you decided to partly scrape off?  Maybe I ordered what I did for a reason?  Don't be a douche.


A whole new meaning to "fine" print

Some time ago, I was hired to work at a newspaper in a medium-sized Indiana town. Shortly after I relocated, I was fired under suspicious circumstances. Not sure what to do, I went to the courthouse to talk to Legal Aid.

After asking around, I found where to go (no, not Hell, although I did briefly sojourn through the Vestibule). I asked for the paperwork, and the secretary told me that they didn't have any original forms, only Xeroxed copies.

Actually, that's an insult to Xerox's quality reputation. The print on the forms they gave me was illegible. The only part I could make out, ironically, was that I was entitled to ask for help if I couldn't read the form. I knew that wasn't what the form meant, but since I technically couldn't read it.

I asked to have someone read it to me. The secretary said there wasn't anyone who could do that.

Sadly, my firing was legal since Indiana is an employment-at-will state.