May 4th, 2010

Arrested Development - Denial

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Wow, after this, I am done with Bank of America.

I have a Washington account, because I opened it when I was 15 and lived at home, and have had no reason to change it. I now live in Oregon, and have for the last few years. I've discovered that even though it is BANK OF AMERICA, Washington/Idaho is on a different system than all other states. Which means I cannot go into a branch to do pretty much anything unless I have my exact account number. I can't order a card or checks at a branch, I have to call. I can't link my Oregon BOA credit card to my checking account. I can't use their iPhone app to do mobile banking and my online account is never current. Transactions take days to post.

I ordered checks about 3 weeks ago, but they haven't showed up and I had to pay my rent yesterday. Thus I had to go into a branch to get a cashier's check - which in itself I hate because tellers LOATHE working on WA accounts in Oregon. I get the check, it pulls and all is well.

Then today, I check my bank account and it's negative $480+ bucks. !!!!!! Cue panic. I check my account, look at transactions and see nothing that would've put me close to in the red, much less that much. I call and listen to my transactions - NOTHING. So after much zealous pressing on the 0 button, I get an associate and explain my situation and ask for help as to why I'm so overdrawn. He states that there's a pending check set to clear on 5/6 in the amount of $610 - the amount of the cashier's check I got on 5/3. I explain to him that this check already shows cleared on my account. He tells me because of this check, my account has a $610 HOLD FOR THREE DAYS on my account. I ask how this can be, the check was a BOA cashier's check, that has PULLED from my account and why is there a hold? 

Here's where stupid comes in. Because I got a cashier's check in Oregon, not Washington, their system automatically puts a hold on my account for that check amount even though the cashier's check instantly withdrew. Even though it was at a BOA branch, it shows as an out of state transaction (not one done at BOA - *I* had to tell the associate that) and freezes my account. I had to hang out on hold why they fixed this - and now my account is happily and well in the positive again.

I've had enough of this crap. I always get asked if I've considered opening a BOA account in Oregon, and I used to say no. The one time I said sure, the teller took my number and promised a rep would call me to set it up so it minimize the hassle. Never got that call. I've had this account for 10+ years and everything set up through it but it's in the one of 2 states that is effed up. Time for a credit union.

p.s. Does anyone know where I can send a letter to the president or some higher up about this absurdity? I know it won't affect much but I'd rather know it goes to someone higher up than the black hole of customer service.
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Bad Kitty

Car Dealer Non Service

I am so pissed right now.

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Tldr: I get a quote from a dealer to do a specific thing. I am charged but because of other issues that I did not ask to be checked but were checked anyway the thing I wanted to do can not be done. When I refuse to pay for the additional work I am charged for the original thing that was not done and sent on my way. I fix the additional stuff myself and take it back but now they want more money to do what they originally quoted. I get things settled with the boss and think everything is fine until I find out today that they did more things they were not asked to do and insist that they still can not do what they were paid to do until these new issues are fixed. I demand they stop looking at things they weren’t asked to look at and do the work they were paid to do.

ETA: I got a call from the tech last night telling me there was no problem with the timing but they wouldn't have the car buttoned up until tomorrow. This morning the same tech called and told me the timing was definitely bad and they were in the process of fixing it (no mention of why there was a change of heart and I didn't ask). Then I got a call from the head guy returning my call from yesterday.

I suspect that the head guy got my voice mail this morning and went to talk to the tech before calling me back and that was the cause of the "timings fine" to "timings bad and we're fixing it" change.
Cillian Murphy

no, really, i don't need an emergency services box...

On April 20th we (my mother and I) called our local phone company (Frontier) to fix two problems. A. Remove the static on the line that made it hard to hear, and B. Connect the current phone line to the jack in my room that had originally (years ago), gone to a separate phone line.

Note: This line is essentially, due to the fact we need to use it solely for a medical emergency call box for the back area of the house).

Repair guy comes out, cleans up the static and while doing so, says he connected Box A to Line A. All is good!

...except, not.

On April 27th they sent out another technician on another issue (mom got jack happy and had one installed in the living room). The technician was made aware of the other case, as he was scheduled for that as well (paperwork mix-up). He double checked the box while installing the new jack and said everything was fine.

Today, Response Link (the medical emergency call box people) sends out their tech to connect two boxes, one in the front of the house, and one in the back. Set-up goes great in the front, and we move back to my room to set up the second box.

Where the very annoying computer voice informs us (constantly) that there is a communication and telephone line failure. Tech does everything he can think of to fix it, ignoring my simple solution of "Let's check for a dial tone!" So I stole the phone line when he wasn't looking and connected it into the only available thing to check for a dial tone (which was my DVR).

No dial tone.

So now I have to schedule another 'repair', wait around for the guy, watch him fix the phone line that should have fixed two weeks ago, then call out the Response Link tech (who was a wonderful man and left me his name and personal number so I can call and arrange an appointment faster then calling the company itself)'s hoping I don't have an emergency anytime soon while alone (which has happened before).

When did "It's fixed" become repair speak for "I fiddled with some wires and really did absolutely fuck all"?

(Yes, I know I should have checked it after he did the job, but the machine didn't work and I don't have a plug in phone...I screwed up by not thinking of the DVR sooner).
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Black Butterfly

Any Tim Horton's employees want to give me some insight?

I'm going to go on a little bit of a rant.

I'm a huge fan of Tim Horton's cafe mocha.  Up until six months ago, whenever I ordered one, they put it in the next size up cup.  For example, if I order a small, they put it in a medium cup.  They fill the medium cup about 75% of the way with liquid and it leaves plenty of room for the whipped cream.

Between here and my hometown, there are 6 locations that I visit on a regular basis.  In the last six months, at two of the locations, half of the time they put my mocha in the next size up cup and the other half of the time, they put my mocha in the same size cup.  When they put it in the same size cup, they fill it about 90% full with liquid and try to cram the whipped cream into the little space at the top.  EVERY SINGLE TIME at least one of the following ends up happening:

- Whipped cream starts coming out the little hole in the top
- Whipped cream starts running down the sides of the cup
- When I open the lid, the whipped cream gushes out the lid
- The whipped cream gets stuck to the top of the lid and never melts into my drink

It's not life or death, but it's damn annoying and messy.
Lately, I've been trying to remember to tell them to put it in the next size cup.  So far, they've been good at complying.
I've been wondering if putting the mocha in the same size cup is because of corporate or because of sheer laziness or ignorance at the individual stores.
Should I get in touch with corporate, talk to someone in the store when this happens, or just keep quiet and try to remember to request a bigger cup?
I reached my breaking point when I was at the food court at the mall.  I was desperate for caffiene and purchased a mocha.  When she handed me me drink, the whipped cream was oozing out the top a little bit... no big deal.  I walk over to Subway to get a sub.  As I was paying for my sub, it started running down the sides of the cup and onto the counter.  I rushed it over to a table, carefully opened up the lid and it gushed out... and kept gushing... until there was this nice little puddle about the size of my hand on the table.  I cleaned it up the best I could with napkins (which stick to the whipped cream, making it a pain).  I took the lid off, and the whipped cream that didn't gush was stuck to the top.  Like I said, not life or death, but still a PAIN.  I didn't have time to complain because I had a bus to catch (and I had to get the sticky off my hands), but next time I'm going to!

If anyone else has anything similar they want to rant about, feel free!