May 3rd, 2010


Hey! So, I'm new here... hi, all. Anyway, I've been working in customer service-related jobs for about 6 years on-and-off now, so while I understand how hectic and frustrating it can get, sometimes the treatment I get from employees makes me feel like a star worker by comparison.

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Thankfully, my fast-food drive-through experiences have generally been very pleasant no matter what the franchise.

But, a bonus rant (directed at burger joints)!

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Jack Williams Bad Service

...I am so furious I think I could scream.

I went to Jack Williams to get my studded snow tires changed back to normal tires. I had two normal ones I bought last year, and needed two new ones this year. With a nice deal on two new tires, and my car in the shop, I was given a ride down to my job and all was good.

At about 11AM, they called me and the following conversation occurred:

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Possible minor bad service at Chase

So last week my dad and I went to my Chase bank to finally close my checking account with them. While I've had Chase for a long time the last few years I've gotten nothing but crap from them so a few months ago I switched to a credit union which has been fine and dandy for me. I have one credit card through Chase (just a small emergency/use to build up my credit) that I still want but just want the payments emailed to me or mailed to me directly but I just want my checking account permanently closed with them. Is that too hard to ask? Apparently so.

So my dad and I go to Chase and sit down in the waiting area. We notice there's only one customer service rep and he's with two older gentleman in his cubicle, that's fine, until we notice it's been over half an hour. The two older men were just chit-chatting with this customer service rep because we could hear them and heard nothing related to banking. Another employee kept coming up to us saying "it will only be another minute" and this went on for over another 10 minutes with her telling us the same thing three times. My dad is getting really mad at this point and asks a bank teller if she can close the account for us and she says no, only the manager can (the customer service rep). Clearly it wasn't going to end anytime soon so we just left.

Is this common to only have one representative at Chase to close an account, or am I just overreacting to this situation?