April 29th, 2010


Okay, I really dicked around with posting this, it happened about two weeks ago, but it still pisses me off to some extent. I get that you have to be aware of people scamming you, especially at Wal-Mart where a lot of people frequent & they have a ton of shit, but I felt a little insulted that the employees here went out of their way to assume I was a scammer.

My XBOX 360 finally died, not the RROD but the video component stopped working. I made the decision to buy an XBOX Arcade ($199) & slap my old hard drive on it, so off I went to Wal-Mart.
The associates in electronics were really awesome, they checked the stock room for me because they had no XBOX Arcades out in the display case. One associate asked if I wanted a warranty on the system ($19.95 on anything under $299) & I declined, went to the car, everything is peaches.

Well, I'm really indecisive, so I sat in the car for about 20 minutes thinking if I should have gotten that damn warranty. I decide that I should have, so I went back in with the console & went to customer service. Here is where it happens;

One of the associates from electronics had worked her way up front, near the customer service desk. When she saw me in line with the console, waiting, her eyes were almost literally this; O_O. So I did what anyone would do when someone was staring at them...I...um...waved. 

This must have snapped her back into reality because she used the cart she was pushing to ram into another associate going towards the customer service desk. She rammed another associate with her cart. Rammed. Cart. Why? I know why, because I heard her plain as day saying this to the ran-over employee;

"See the guy in the brown sweatshirt? He was just here. He's going to try & scam you into returning a faulty Xbox!"

So, the  ran-over employee then went to the other two associates at the customer service counter, & thank god, more discreetly whispered in their ears about me. However, they both looked up at me with the same expression as the first electronics associate; O_O!! O_O!!!! C'mon guys, didn't they teach you to be discreet?

I was kind of annoyed because now every associate within a cart-mowing radius thinks I'm a scammer, but whatever. I figured I'd clear it up when I got there & said I wanted to put a warranty on the console I just bought.

This is getting long-winded so let me Collapse )

Bus Driver likes wet butts...

So...I am getting a car tomorrow, therefore yesterday was my last bus ride to school ever. Shoulda known I'd go out with a bang.
I get on the bus (late again, but that's liek complaining about an Italian restaurant serving pasts), and take a seat, and had to spring back up immediately. Why, you may ask? Well, there was a lovely little puddle in the exact spot where I had just tried to sit, just soaked in enough that you couldn't see it but still enough there that my hiney was soaked! I was wearing black/white checked chef pants, and from what I could tell it had a very odd orangey-brown color. I'll call it juice and stick to that thank you very much. Anyways, I decided the bus driver should know about this so he could put up a sign or lift the seat up (it was the handicapped accessible seat up front). So I go to tell him:
Me = yeah
BM = Bus Mover (abbreviation was far more appropriate, imo)

Me: Hey, there's a gross puddle on the seat right there that I just sat in
BM: Oh, it's probably just some rain from someone's umbrella
Me: *turns around and shows him my butt* That is not water, and it smells
BM: Well, what the hell am I supposed to do about it?
Me: The seat folds up, and I have a sharpie and paper that I could make a sign with...
BM: It's not my job to tell people where to sit, I can't plan for all this shit that comes up
Me: Well...I'm not angry that you didn't know about it, but now that you do something needs to be done so no one else sits in whatever that is
BM: That's not my job, I'm not worried about it *dismissive wave*
This was followed by a "lather rinse repeat" cycle of "not my job, not my job" before I just figured whatever and let it go.

I ended up making a sign anyways and sticking it to the seat.
The kicker: Before I got off, he had to let a wheelchair on. There's 2 seats, the wet one and the dry one. I had told him exactly which seat it was that was wet, yet he opted to upfold the dry seat for her to place the chair (it also seemed like he looked directly at me as he did this, but I wouldn't say for sure), and then REMOVED THE SIGN I had made from the seat. Yeah. I had 2 or 3 more stops and by the time I got off I had seen 2 others about to sit there before I warned them. Also, when I got off I called and complained about him.