April 26th, 2010

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Comcast Business

I will preface this with I don't have a problem that Comcast gave us a bad modem, that happens.  I have a problem with how long it took to get resolved and how many inferences they made that the problem was all mine / did not exist.

I do some work occasionally for a shop I go to, my deal with them is basically we swap services, they get me every now and then to answer a question or two and I've been slowly cleaning up a small IT mess for them.  One of the issues they were having was their DSL was really too slow for what they were doing (and they needed some backend changes), so I sold them on the idea of Comcast since their bandwidth stability is not mission critical and we have the same thing where I work now.

What follows involves 6 on site comcast techs, 3 visits by them, 14 calls, 104 miles of my driving, and a bunch of blaming anything possible other than their modem which I had asked them to replace on visit 2, here're the highlights

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The TL;DR version: Issue was a bad modem.  Techs claimed during the pre-replacement time that our wiring is bad, our network is bad, our equipment is at fault, I don't know what I'm doing, our account number (they printed on an invoice and gave the shop) is wrong even though it worked for the first 3 days, static IPs are slower than dynamic IPs, CAT-5 wiring for a LAN port on 3-year-old DSL is different than CAT-5 wiring for a comcast LAN port.  Post-replacement they leave a customer completely down because they didn't configure the replacement router and left claiming it was our issue.