April 24th, 2010


Busy Venue Bad Service

I hesitate to post this because we're all still annoyed, but on the other hand, there's no better place for it than here...

Anyway, my roommate and a friend of ours went to a bar and restaurant near where we live to watch the Penguins game. We got there after the game started and the only seating that was really open was a booth near the front, which happened to be in perfect view of one of the many TVs showing the hockey game. Shortly after we sat down, a waitress came over, told us what drinks were on special and asked if we wanted menus. My roomie and I each ordered a beer and we said yes we would like menus. She brought our drinks and then went to go get the menus, which she admitted forgetting. No big deal.

Here's where it gets frustrating. The three of us decided to split two appetizers, chicken fingers and a loaded-fries type thing that they serve. The fries come with tomatoes on, but I am allergic, so we asked for the tomatoes to please be left off.

It took nearly 30 minutes for the food to come out (not a huge deal, the place was busy), only to see that the fries were covered in tomatoes. Not only that, but the chicken fingers came with a honey mustard sauce that had spilled onto the food--totally my fault for forgetting to ask, but mustard is my one other food allergy. We explained to her (in what I certainly intended to be an apologetic manner) that not only had we specified no tomatoes, but that I was allergic to mustard and couldn't eat the chicken fingers, either. She kind of rolled her eyes but took the food back to be remade.

Only, when it came back out (after another 20 or so minutes), it was pretty clear that the "offending" pieces has simply been removed and we were being given back the exact same food. This wasn't entirely obvious with the fries since it was a few bites before we noticed more tomato bits UNDER the layer of cheese, but it was with the chicken--the original basket had had 6 or so pieces, and the one she brought to us this time had only 3.

When she came to ask if everything was alright, my roommate asked for a manager, who was very understanding and did comp the fries. He was less accommodating with the chicken, saying that the portions were by weight, and we kind of let it go since we didn't want to make a scene. But really, seven bucks when we each got one little finger to eat? Not really cool in my book.

After we asked for the manager, we basically didn't see our waitress again for the rest of the game (and it went into overtime, too). Even when she was bringing drinks/food to the table right behind us, she wouldn't even look our way, giving us no chance to ask for refills or order anything else. By the time we finally did get her attention again, my roommate and I each ordered another drink and our friend ordered wings since she was still hungry. 30 or so minutes later when we still hadn't seen any food coming our way, we gave up and hunted her down to get the check. It took another 15 minutes (and by this point we were timing her) just to get the check, another 10 or so for her to come back and grab my credit card so we could pay.

Overall, it was just a frustrating experience--we left hungry and annoyed, especially because of the amount of time she spent shooting the shit with people who were obviously her friends and not even ordering anything. And I'm not even holding against her the fact that we were charged for Captain-and-Cokes when the liquor in our drinks was clearly NOT anything above well quality, since that was probably on whoever was at the bar. Still frustrating though.