April 16th, 2010


Fuck You, US Bank!

So my parents are filing for bankruptcy, and one of the things going into that is this US Bank account they have. It has a balance of like $680.00 and they want a payment of $124.00 My parents opened this account when I was like 7, they opened a line of credit on it when I was not even 18. I've never even had an account with US Bank. And yet, these idiots are fucking up my credit trying to send me to collections claiming that I am a signer on the account and that I owe them money. WTF?!

Apparently someone there is so effing illiterate they can't look at a paper and tell the difference between an adult signer on the account with a 3 letter name, and a freaking child with a 9 letter name who is to be POD. How do you even make that mistake? How do you confuse me for my mom? One person is on the account , one person gets the money if someone dies. Not that complicated. I've never signed a piece of their paperwork, and my mom's signature isn't even a signature! She literally just writes out her name with a bit of cursive flare. How can you work in a bank and not be capable of reading names?! >:(

So instead of sending letters demanding this money from my mom and my dad, they are threatening me and my dad.  And to make this even more ridiculous, they know about the bankruptcy, the lawyers have contacted them, why are they demanding payment from anyone still? Let alone me. It took my dad like idk how long, multiple transfers between the help center and the branch, and like 5 employees, to get this mess allegedly sorted out. Fucking morons!
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Mccy D's and cologne~

Okay, so.

This happened a while ago, but I still wtf over it whenever someone brings up aggravating service regarding fastfood places. It wasn't something you sue over, but it was pretty... well I'm not sure what the word is.

Anyways, I wasn't very hungry but I'm pretty much addicted to soda. So I get myself a giant ass coke while all my buddies order their fatty shit. Everyone gets theirs, yadda, yadda. I get my soda, but there's so much food passing that I don't get time to really appreciate my glorious cola until we get onto the road again.

So I bring it up to sip.

Lo and behold, the first sip is fuckin' disgusting. Not because the taste is off-no, it was fine- but the cup is... cleansed in this... cologne? Whoever put that shit together was using it like ineffective sun tan lotion, the sort that needs several dried layers. I mean, it sounds minor, but I cannot describe quite how... loaded with cologne this cup was. We had to roll down the windows, I got a massive headache and, yea, I did not finish that dude. It was absolutely terrible.

Fortunately he didn't handle the food, it seemed.

Seriously, though, what fast food dude decides in the middle of his shift at McDonalds that he desperately needs shitloads of cologne?
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horse sex

Brusque/Indifferent Service @ Campus Art Store: News At 11

So yesterday, I found myself with a bit of free time after class and wandered over to the art building where there is a little art supply store because I've been hankering after a particular kind of pencil and was wondering if they had it.

So I get there, and wait, along with two other girls, for the proprietress of the store to come back from wherever it is she went (she's frequently gone, this ain't the bad service) and after about ten minutes, this other woman (not the usual one) comes and opens the store. I go in, look around, she notices me and asks me what I'm looking for. I say "(name of pencil brand)", she says (a bit shortly) "We don't stock those" and proceeds to help one of the other girls who came into the store at the same time I did.

I dunno whether or not I should expect better from this place, because they KNOW people are going to buy their stuff whether they're nice or not (classes require it) and this isn't really a big deal, but it just kind of made me go "ehhhh".
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slightly bizzare service at Marks and Spencer

For those not in the UK, M&S is a large chain of department stores, they sell clothes, homewares and food.
At the weekend they have a 'Dine in for £10' offer where you get a main meal, side dish, pudding and drink for £10. I went in and picked up my basket of delicious things, i'm 25 but as they ID everyone under 30 and I had no ID I decided to have the soft drink option.

I get to the checkout and all is going well until i'm asked for Id..
Checkout Boy- I need ID, it isn't coming up as alcohol free

Me- but it says alcohol-free on the bottle..

CB- yes but the computer says I need ID.

Repeat this about 7 times, until a supervisor comes over and gives him a rather confused look and he lets me have my soft drink!
We were both polite throughout this and he wasn't rude at all, but it was totally weird.