April 15th, 2010


An open letter

Dear Village Inn waitress,

Generally the service at your establishment is mediocre at best, but regardless I am always very nice to all of the employees, and won't complain about a thing nor will I second guess things.

However, when the menu does not specify if a particular item contains meat, it is probably better to ask the chef if you do not know, as opposed to just saying, "Nope, it sure doesn't." Especially after being asked several times in various ways. "The meal does not have meat in it, right? Just eggs and cheese with beans and salsa?"

It probably also behooves you to refrain from insisting the sauce on the plate does not have meat, when there are visible chunks of ground beef floating in it. It strikes me as crazy that I had to have my dinnermate taste test my food before you would go ask the chef.

The proper response is not "Oh yes the chef said there is a tiny tiny bit of beef in it! I serve this all the time and never see meat in it so I just say it doesn't have any."

I appreciate that it was remade without much of a fuss, but I do not appreciate that you offered my dinner mate "compensation of free pie" for his "suffering" (... His chili was fine, his drink was always refilled while mine was empty). Nor do I appreciate you smashing my slice of apple pie (that I paid for )to bits, slamming it in front of me meanwhile giving him a pristine of apple piece lovingly slid onto the table.

No love,
Your former customer and the one who usually pays for both of our meals at your establishment.

P.S It makes me uncomfortable to have your manager read out my bill and tip amounts every time she checks me out. Yes I meant to tip what I put down, it was 20%. I do not need it yelled at me as you type it into the cash register- that is just bizarre. "MA'AM DID YOU PUT $5.20 IN THE TIP AMOUNT? AND YOUR BILL WAS $26.00?" Yes, and you can see that when you take the time to look at the slip I just wrote on and signed.


Random note: Yes I am a vegetarian, no I don't complain about things nor do I preach about it or make a big deal over it. I just make sure what I order is vegetarian and leave it at that. Until today I've never had issue with service over it at all.