April 14th, 2010

{stock} windy

Are there any registers open?!

The other day my boyfriend and I stopped in at a brand new Goodwill outlet to get him a pair of pants for a costume party we were attending (the party was that night so we really needed the pants, and this had been our last stop after a long day of searching). The outlet was large and was very busy. He found the pants pretty quickly and we went over to the check out area. There were four registers total and three of them were open. There were about three people standing in line at each register, so we just chose the middle one. It became clear after a few minutes that we had definitely picked the slowest line (the lady in front was having some issue with a credit card), so we moved over to the left line. At that point there were two people in front of us. The man running the register rang up both people, then turned to us and said, "Sorry, this register is closing." It was kind of annoying that he waited until we got to the front to tell us, but we shrugged it off and moved over to the right hand line, since the middle line was still jammed.

While we were waiting in this line, another employee came to take the place of the guy who had just closed the register. "You took a while," the first guy said to the new guy, which led me to believe he knew this man was coming over. The new guy then jumped on the register, which immediately filled up with the middle register's impatient customers. I was really annoyed at this point, because if the guy running the register knew someone was coming to take his place, couldn't he have just told us that instead of making us get into another line? There was only a thirty second or so gap in between him telling us that the register was closing and the other guy showing up to take over.

I'm not even joking about this, but while we were waiting three deep in the right hand register the lady running this register informed us she was going on break and finished ringing up the person in front of us and then left. We were at the front of the line with one pair of pants, and there was one person behind us who only had one item as well. I went to say something to the cashier and she booked it out of there. The lady behind us put her item down and left, as she had been waiting almost as long as we had.

We ended up having to wait another five minutes in the left line (the one that was taken over by the different guy) before being rung up. Another lady had asked to speak to a manager (one that was stuck behind the lady with the credit card problem) and was still waiting for the manager to come out when we left. I would have stuck around but I was done with waiting at that point. The approximate time we were waiting from the time we showed up to the cash registers to when we actually got rung up was 24 minutes.