April 13th, 2010


Quite possibly illegal service!

Reposted here with permission. Original post can be found at: http://evilpuppy.livejournal.com/365126.html

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tl;dr (since it is a lot to read): Woman with a non-visible disability receives no help from airline staff. When she brings the issue to a supervisor, she is told that if she needed that kind of help, she should have made other arrangements and that none of the staff did anything wrong.

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I can accept that this is just an issue with the way the printer is made so there is simply no way that I can get around it.

I'm happy to accept that I just need to wait until I can afford ink in order to use the scanner on my printer.

But making up how printer-scanners work?

Lol no.

This isn't a major b_s in the slightest, just 'wtf' and 'lol'.

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