April 6th, 2010

Stupid Verizon Lady. . .

 So, today I got a new phone.  A spiffy LG Env Touch.  The place that I had got the phone was awesome.  They did all the switching stuff from my new phone, gave me a deal on buying a case and a car charger ( with a usb charger that'll totally charge my ipod at the same time in the car ) so awesome possum.

While out in the next town over, I'm bothering a friend with text squees over the new phone.  Hey, I had a silly slider phone before, this big old keyboard is too tempting for me!  This reminds me that I haven't a clue what my plan is for the phone concerning texting.  I'm on a plan with my mother and grandmother, because it's cheaper that way.  $33 bucks a month basically.  I'm at the mall and there's a little Verizon booth, so, squee, I can go run over there, give them my number, the four digits to get at it, and they can give me the details of my plan!  

Easy, right?

Hahaha.  No.  

Went off without a hitch, but I note the lady is especially. . .cold about it.  

To put it simply, she told me my plan did not cover for numbers outside the network.  My friend is on At&t.  Because of this, Verizon is going to charge me .15c a text to her and any texts I receive from her.  By that point, we had been texting back and forth for over an hour at a pretty good pace.  YEOTCH.

She tells me I'm allowed 500 texts a month, IN THE NETWORK.

So, I ask, what add-ons can I put in to get past that.  She tries to upsell me a 5000 text a month package.  I ask if that covers out of the network texts.  She tells me no.  Grrr.  Is this lady hearing anything I'm asking about?  The main person I talk to via text is on At&t.  She suggest my friend change her network.  Wtf?  Friend is on an Iphone.  Somehow I highly doubt my friend is going to Verizon any time soon.  

Lady also tells me there are no unlimited plans for Verizon.

By this time, I'm angry and I know she's talking bull crap and being an idiot. 

I leave the mall and drive out of my way to go to the place where I went before.

I find out lady at the hub was an idiot just as I believe.  One, my plan is for unlimited texts for in the network, and 500 texts out of the network a month.  Since I already had used 134 of those texts, which he could see right there, I decided to upgrade to the next plan up, with 5000 texts out of the network.  

He got it all figured out, and got the commission, so it worked out.  But the previous lady?  Booger eating moron.  Gyah.