April 2nd, 2010

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Small talk is annoying, but it tops being a jerk...

This post made me think of a time I got snapped at for asking a slightly silly question, only in my case it was an effort to make small talk. I'm calling it a WTF because on my end, it was admittedly probably not the best thing I could've asked, but it was still very rude.

I work in an office, and we used to have a postal delivery guy who was generally friendly and talkative. Sometimes his jokes weren't all that funny, he could border on being a jerk, but it was never too bad.

Well, one fall day, he came in, and I asked him if it was cold. Apparently, this was the wrong place and time to do so. He stared at me for a second, and then said in a loud and annoyed voice:

"Of COURSE it's cold! Why wouldn't it be cold?"

I just sat there like this as he left: ...

Now, in fairness to him, my question was probably ill-placed, which is why I consider this closer to a WTF. I was sitting in a warm office while he was out in the cold. But I wasn't trying to be the type of customer who tells waitresses "oh it must suck that you're working on Easter!" and smiles smugly. I just asked a silly question because I epically fail at small talk. Chillax.

Getting tired of waiting

Dear Classified Rings,

When I ordered a graduation ring from you, I was initially happy with your service. You seemed reliable and organized. You said my ring would be delivered by November.

It is now early April and it's not here. You have not replied once to our e-mails. One of your staff said they were looking into it and would "call us right back", but that was four days ago.

Not one person has got their ring. I'm glad the school has decided they won't be working with you again.
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