March 30th, 2010

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Silly but still..

Ok this might sound like a silly rant for some of you but still..

So my credit card was due for renewal in April , I went to the bank to renew it and I was to receive it later on , so I received the new one this morning...

And well.. I got a pretty bad surprise when i opened the enveloppe.

Instead of a modern and neat design like the last one I got , I got this:

Now , there are THREE designs , but I was NEVER asked about which one I wanted.

So I got two problems here :

1- Why did the lady at the bank never ask me which design I would like on the card ?

2- Who in their right mind would think that ANYONE would want to go around using a card with DEAD FISH on it!?

Ok , while I was typing this , I called Visa and they'll send me a more tasteful one , but they did admit that the bank lady not asking me about it was pretty wrong.
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to complain or not to complain, that is the question...

So hubby and I enjoy pizza once in awhile and we always order from Pizza Pizza. On March 4 I had ordered pizza, paid with debit on delivery, added the tip, said no to my copy of the recipt and enjoyed my meal. No problems there.

Today, we decided to order pizza again. When the guy shows up he has my debit slip from the last time clipped to the bill. The bill from March 4 was $26.26. I guess when the delivery guy punched it in he entered it wrong and I didn't notice it (my bad) entered the tip and the total debited from my account was $7.12. So today they brought the debit recipt, the last pizza bill and this pizza bill and presented it to hubby. He had the guy wait while he checked our online banking (just in case) and ended up paying the guy for today's pizza as well as the amount owing from the last time.
Now I have no problem paying for my pizza, I ordered it, I ate it, that's fine. What is bothering me is that in the last 25 days they didn't call and say "Hey look, we made a mistake, would you mind coming in or could we come by with our machine and have you pay the difference." They decided to simply wait until we ordered again and have us pay that way. What if I had only had enough for today's pizza. Would I have had to pay the other bill and forefitted today's supper?
So B.S. community, what is your take? Should I complain or just let it go?