March 29th, 2010


Annoying Carhops

I know fast food workers don't make a lot of money, but then again neither do I. It seems most everytime I go to any Sonic in my town, whether I have 8 cents or 80 cents in change due, the carhop will ask "You want your change?". If it's raining, or extremely hot or cold I'll usually say keep it, because even though it's their job I feel they're doing me a favor bringing it out to me. Last week I ordered a slushie and the carhop asks me "Dude, you want your change - it's only like, a quarter?" Now I knew I was owed 47 cents, but told the guy to keep it. It's not like 47 cents will make or break me; but really!?!? Did he not know how to read the recipt or was he just trying to assure himself of a tip by downplaying the ammount owed?
What really made me post this was this morning I used the drive thru and when I paid, the person at the window asked "Do you need your change back?" Umm....yeah. It's over 2 dollars, and you didn't even have to walk out to my car do deliver it to me. You're pretty much giving the same service as people at McDonalds or B.K. and they never ask for a tip.
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more of a WTF than real bad service

But its still has me shaking my head.

So I take my Jeep into the regular mechanic today because my transmission has been having issues since the fall and I now have the money to deal with it. I go in hoping its something minor but I figure I will probably need a new one. Yup it is going south and can't be fixed needs to be replaced.  So he tells my husband I should not replace it now but keep driving it until it craps out. He was really pressing my husband to just have me keep driving it. Yeah like I want to drive a car where any time from tomorrow until when ever the tranny can just crap out on me. With my luck I would be 2 hours from home, in the rain and on the Interstate to boot. I mean really what is the point of driving a car around with a bad transmission until it craps out. It's not like its going to make replacing the damn thing any cheaper. I really think its because no mechanic I have ever met likes to work on a Jeep.
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minor but rude

I moved into a new apartment last October and my roomies and I have gotten all our furniture set up except a dining room table. We had been expecting a donation from friends/family members but they all fell through, but then my parents visited (I live with my sister and my best friend who is family fwiw) and when I had to serve them a delicious dinner on a busted card table with a bum leg they decided to buy one for us. So they ordered it online and set delivery for today. My friend and I had been out of town for the weekend and got in late last night so I made sure my phone was on super loud volume to wake me up when they called to set a delivery time. This morning they call around 8:30 and the phone woke me up but I was a little fuzzy when I answered. The guy asked if between 4 and 7 woule be ok, and in my haze I said "oh, tonight?", he replies "well, OBviously" (in that tone we all know and love), I replied "sorry, just confirming, that will be no problem" and as we were ending the call in that 2 second lag before "end" gets pushed I hear "what a dumb-"*click*.

Seriously? I wasn't rude or anything, just not completely awake and asked a dumb question. I just found this rude and unnecessary.