March 17th, 2010


A WTF and a Perfect Storm (Medical Billing)

I'm having medical issues, so there's been a few doctor's visits recently. Normally, it's simple: I pay my co-pay, and they mention if lab work's being done. The way my insurance works, if they do labwork in house, then it's 100% covered. If it's sent out, then it falls under my deductible. My normal doctor sends out, but one instance, I had to visit my old doctor in TN (home for vacation). This story starts in July.

So the Perfect Storm...

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The Doctor's Office

Since I was last at the TN doctor, I have gotten married, changed my name, moved, and gotten new insurance. I updated all of this. The remainder of *their* bill came to me. They neglected, however, to pass this information on.

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I hope it quasi-makes sense. I'm confused and I'm in the middle of it!

tl;dr: Post office decides my parents don't live where they do. Dr's office doesn't update my information. Lab doesn't update my information or return calls. OhioHealth simultaneously bills me for $7.20 and refunds me $35.

edit: because what's the point of cuts if you screw them up?:) ETA2: Apparently the second cut hates me. I give up!