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March 15th, 2010

Last October, I went to the Aspen Dental office in Dewitt, NY for a checkup. It was my first in about three years, so I knew things weren't going to be great, but I had a perfectly nice experience up until it was time to talk money.

A root canal is when they drill a hole straight down through your tooth, all the way into your wallet.Collapse )

Rude much?

Was doing a little shopping at Kroger today. This particular Kroger is one i worked at when i was pregnant with my second kid....about 7 years ago.  Most of the employees know me either from then or the fact that they see me nearly every damn day...lol i have no life.

When i went to put my groceries in my cart my youngest was lounging in the cart.  i told her (twice i think) to sit up.  the cashier (whom i know from when i worked there - tho i'm not sure she remembers)  laughed & made a comment somewhere along the lines of "aren't you glad you'll be doing it all over again soon?"  & then a few more comments about how it was "his" turn to get the snip.

You know, when something like that happens i never know ether to get pissed or cry.  Yes, my youngest child is 5 and i KNOW i haven't lost the weight yet...but jeez....way to blow my self-esteem.  this isn't the first time this cashier has done this but as it's a small town & everyone knows everyone & they're related to everyone else (sad, but true) i don't like making enemies...especially ones i see almost every day.  And, although i haven't lost the baby weight i do NOT look pregnant.....at least i didn't THINK i did... :(

as far as my reactions?....a few false smiles & non-committal noises...i am a bitch but i just couldn't say anything...



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