March 12th, 2010


UPS can suck an egg.

Okay, so I ordered a flat iron online in late October. It arrived in early November without incident via UPS. This is not the suck.

When the UPS guy delivered it, rather then accept the cash I had ready to provide to cover the $17 customs charges, he insisted that he could only take a credit card. I wasn't happy about this(I really don't like to give my information out that way) but agreed. He assured me everything would be fine and that it was all taken care of(credit card bills go to my parents house, while I pay them, so I don't look at the charges, though my mom calls if anything looks off).

A month later I get 4 missed calls from UPS customer service telling me that I have an outstanding bill and that I must pay it immediately. I call them back and explain that I have already provided a valid credit card for this purpose and request that they check my account. Which they tell me they cannot locate. The woman asks me no less then four times if "I'm sure I have my house number and postal code right?" Not like I live there or anything. Finally they manage to locate my account after we ascertain that she was typing the wrong letter(because "B as in Bob" totally sounds like V) and she says that no, no card is listed as being provided and the charges are outstanding. She tells me that it must be paid at once. I find my credit card and give her the information, assuming erroneously that this is the end of my dealings. She gives me a confirmation number and says to hold on until the end of the month, at which point I can discard it.

Being safe, I hold onto it for a month and a half. My mother tells me that UPS has indeed charged my card and that all is well. I delete said number.

TWO DAYS LATER I get a call from UPS asking about my "outstanding bill". I tell them that it's been paid, and they tell me that the charges were reversed(which was confirmed when I checked my statement at the bank) and that they need my information again including the confirmation number. I tell them I deleted it and get an earful because "you were told to hold onto it!". I held onto it for two weeks longer than I was told to and only deleted it once I was charged. How was I to know they'd bugger up again?

So this was almost 3 weeks ago, and they were meant to send me an invoice so that I can call them YET AGAIN to get this paid, but nothing has arrived. I've had no fewer than six random missed calls from them in that time, and when I call back am promptly placed on hold. I will continue to wait for an invoice and hopefully the next time I pay will be the last.

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I originally posted this over in eBay drama, but I'm going to post it here since bad_service is more active:

On February 19th, I bought an LG Voyager from seller fivepacker.

The phone was listed in excellent condition, gently used. It was also supposed to have an extra battery that came with it.

When I received the phone (box shoved in a flat rate envelope. No bubble envelope or anything), the first thing I noticed was yeesh, the envelope is ripped. The car charger could have easily come out of the envelope because the didn't secure it inside the phone box.

When I start to look over the phone, I notice that the black Voyager has a titanium battery in it. The black battery that was supposed to be in the phone (the titanium one was the "extra" one) is no where to be found.

As I said, the phone was listed in excellent, gently used condition. Yeah. No. The phone was scratched up, knicks around the screen, the cover for the charging port was broken off, and on the inside, there was splatters of soda on the screen.

Excellent, gently used condition my ass.

I e-mail the seller and ask what happened to the battery and why the phone isn't in the condition it was listed in.

I wait a few days and contact eBay. eBay drags their ass with the "Buyer Protection" until I send an e-mail stating I wish I would have done a charge back of filed a complaint with PayPal. That lit a fire under them. They had me send the phone back last Friday with tracking and after the seller has it for 2 days, if they don't issue my refund, they will "mediate" one for me.

The seller received the phone on Monday. Wednesday morning, I wake up to an email from the seller stating that she never authorized me returning the phone, I'm not getting a refund, she's refusing the phone and sending it back.

So I call eBay. I provide them with the tracking number so they can see the phone was delivered. I also read them the e-mail where the seller admits that she has the phone. The guy was super helpful and said that he was going to close the case and I'd have my refund in the next couple of business days (I ended up getting it immediately though, that was awesome).

Well, today I get an e-mail from the seller that says she's filing an appeal because the phone was as described. She won't admit that the phone was crappy or even address the fact that the battery was missing. (I'm not sure she even looked at her own listing!) What are the chances that eBay will side in her favor? She said that I "have a history of complaints so maybe I shouldn't be on eBay". WTF? I've left some sellers bad or neutral feedback, like when I never got the item or if something was wrong. I think in 7 years I might have left 10 negative and/or neutral feedbacks for people.

She just sent me another e-mail, while I was typing this, saying she sent me an e-mail about the battery. I never got one. Not in my eBay or my personal e-mail account. And yes, I check my spam folder regularly.


So if you're on eBay, stay away from fivepacker.
『regina spektor』tea

bad service at quiznos

Today my family and I were going to go to lunch at Quiznos. Or so we thought we were. In the end we left and went somewhere nicer. I'll explain that in a minute, after a touch of backstory that will allow this to make more sense.

One of the members in our lunch party is an old lady named Iva. She is in her mid-70's, doesn't hear well, uses readers, and has schizophrenia. Which normally would be very relevant as I can admit that on certain days she can be quite a handful because her medication isn't always as effective as it could be. Still, this was not one of those days.

Anyway, we walked into Quiznos and was greeted, kind of, by a man behind the counter. The menu is high along the back wall and the text is tiny (I have issues reading it and I'm only 23), so she asks if they have individual menus she could look at before she orders. Man Behind the Counter says no, so in turn Iva asks if they have any sandwiches made with fish out of curiosity, mentioning she's really in the mood for tuna. Man Behind the Counter blatantly lies and rolls his eyes at her. Her son points out that there is, in fact, a tuna melt so Iva orders, and she asks if she can have it on the flatbread instead of a sub.

Oh boy, I guess that was too hard. Man Behind the Counter throws his knife onto the counter, rolls his eyes yet again, and then storms off into the back room. I realize there was a lot of questions involved previously but this took place within a time span of no more than two minutes. Still, we stand there half in shock and half in patience to see if he actually was coming back.

...He did not.

So her son gets frustrated and goes and asks for the manager. She comes out and he explains that simple questions shouldn't result in a temper tantrum. His Mom is elderly, she can't help it that she can't read the menu/this is why there should be alternative menus for patrons who can't see the main one. He was pretty stern but polite about it. Manager... well, she doesn't do anything. And the Man Behind the Counter eventually comes out and starts complaining that Iva shouldn't be here if she doesn't know what she wants/can't see the menu. And meanwhile, Iva obviously feels very bad about all of this and hobbles slowly with her cane out of the place.

Eventually her son came out and we left because the manager decided she didn't want to do anything. And then I caught a glimpse of them pointing and laughing at Iva while she walked back to the car. Very classy, Quizno employees. I don't think you'll ever get our business again.

Once Burned, Twice Shy

It's been about a year since this bit of bad service took place, but the combination of chestismyhero and becomingun's entries made me remember it.

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Needless to say, I haven't bought from her since, and have instead moved on to a more reliable wig seller (onlywig, for anyone interested). However, what does everyone here think? Was this a failure on the wig seller's part? USPS's? The college? Or was it just some dumb girl being just too naive for her own good, and a seller who nearly got screwed out of her hard earned money?